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Cost effective, time efficient and traceable email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing platforms. The key is to build a valuable list of subscribers – people who look forward to receiving your mail and often interact with the content giving you a traceable and consistently high conversion rate. As discussed before on this blog, when it comes to attracting subscribers, it is quality not quantity that is key. Want to know some insider tips from the experts at SocialB? You’ve come to the right place; here are 5 great ways to get more email subscribers through social media.

5 great ways to get more email subscribers through social media:

1. Include a sign-up form on your social media pages

Make the most of the traffic your various profiles attract. Have a well-placed sign up form on your Facebook header, or even include a link to subscription form in your bio. Sometimes a straightforward call to action is all that it takes to increase your subscriber list. Many email marketing companies such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp have how-to guides on their websites.

2. Unlock exclusive content for new subscribers

Everyone loves something for free, even if it is only online content. Why not create a free webinar, an eBook or access to a private members area on your website with exclusive offers? You can then offer any of these things via your social media channels as an incentive to subscribers – you are giving back to your reader in return for their loyal attention. 

3. Share your most recent mailout across all platforms

Show people what they’re missing. We’re sure that you have been following all our top tips to build up your online following. Well now put those followers to the test – share your most recent buzzy email via a hyperlink across all of your social media platforms inviting those followers to subscribe to your email marketing. Offering a little incentive here may also help (see point 2).

4. Asking your current subscribers to share

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Your loyal subscribers follow you for a reason – if you have impressed them with your witty ramblings and unbridled knowledge then a little call to action at the end of your email could convince readers to share your content with their friends and followers, in return helping to attract new and valuable subscribers. Social Media buttons are useful here – ask your web designer to add them in to your email marketing format.

5. Create fantastic content!

Come on, even the most enthusiastic email marketer will undoubtedly be frustrated by the amount of ‘spam’ that they receive in their email inbox – despite the fact that it is created by another email marketer. To keep your hard-earned subscribers switched-on, keep it fresh! Write engaging and topical content, aligned with the content you are sharing via your social media channels and your brand, and if at all possible provide the reader with some added value such as a special offer or exclusive information for subscribers only.

SocialB offer both internal and external training on all things social media, including free online information to help you find other ways to get more email subscribers through social media. Explore our website to find out!

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