5 Instagram marketing tricks you didn’t know about…

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Instagram_Shiny_Icon_svgOnce the realm of the young and hip, Instagram now has a firm foothold in the mainstream and is used to the advantage of many businesses across the globe. Built for iPhone, the platform is fast-paced and involves uploading pictures to a constantly rolling newsfeed. Lifestyle pictures seem to attract the most attention – think food, clothing, holidays and cars. Here at SocialB we believe Instagram is a fantastic platform upon which to promote your brand, presuming it has a visual element. To help you get involved, here are our 5 instagram marketing tricks you didn’t know about!

5 Instagram marketing tricks you didn’t know about…(but you should):

1. See what those you are following are up to

We’re not of course encouraging stalking of any kind! We just always recommend that you have an idea of what your competitors are doing – new menus, new products, new offers. You can see what sort of followers they attract, who they are following and which posts generate the most interest from their audience. All you need to do is slide the newsfeed switch from “News” to “Following” and use this information to increase your own Instagram followers.

2. Research Hashtags

Many successful Instagrammers use hashtags profusely. This is not considered bad etiquette on Instagram and does not seem to cause annoyance amongst followers. Good hashtag research is key – find out which hashtags local users use and which are used by the online communities that complement your brand. It can be as simple as a location such as #Cambridge or more specific such as #floristsofinstagram. Popular hashtags such as #love can attract many followers and if you spend a few minutes a day liking others photos, chances are they will follow back.

3. Use the video function

Some Instagram accounts are so specific that they only include videos, this works to increase followers as it provides a constant feed of new content – such as how-to videos, hint and tips or sweeping views of a product or place. Videos can be 3 – 15 seconds long and have their own unique set of filters allowing you lots of freedom to edit and make your uploads look as professional as possible. Ask your followers if they would like any short but sweet videos of any of your products and respond accordingly.

4. Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts

As most of us, a large proportion of Facebook users use Instagram. By sharing your Instagram posts on your Facebook Business Page you will alert your subscribers to your Instagram account. Avid followers of your brand will appreciate the recommendation, follow you on Instagram and maybe even share your link with their friends.

5. Create your own Hashtag for users of Instagram

Following on from researching other hashtags, you will be able to invent your own unique one. Find a hashtag that has never been used before and encourage your customers to share images of your brand and allowing you to identify them via your hashtag. This can be a simple and short-term competition, or a long-term campaign. One example is asking your customers to use your hashtag when posting an image of your product, you could award a small prize such as a discount voucher for the best post every month.

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