5 Marketing Smartphone Apps You Should Download Today

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Leaving the office shouldn’t mean that you lose access to the important pieces of software that you use on a daily basis. Nearly all major pieces of software have intuitive and easy to use smartphone apps that allow you to adjust paid advertising bids, schedule social media content and make calls remotely. At SocialB, we use a wide range of smartphone apps and over the next few weeks we will be sharing our most used apps.

Google Analytics

We all know GA is one of the essential pieces of software for businesses of all sizes. The wealth of data that you can analyse is now available on your smartphone. Whether you are meeting a client or conducting an internal meeting, as long as you have your smartphone to hand you can access all of the key metrics you require. Real-time data, comparing date ranges, built-in & custom reports and much more are available within the app.


Google AdWords

An important app that allows you to stay in control of your paid advertising campaigns by adjusting bids and pausing campaigns on the go. Used in conjunction with the GA app above, the data from your account can be easily accessed using the app. Although it won’t provide you with enough functionality to solely run your ad account from your phone, it will certainly provide enough support for you to make amends to your campaigns out of the office.



This is a must have app for everyone. Transferring large files can be a hassle, especially when you try and send them via email. WeTransfer is your go to app (also available via the web for sending files of any size. Simply add your recipient’s email address, your email address, and a short description. Your recipient will receive a link to download the attached the files, it really is as simple as that. And the best thing about this app? You can send up to 2GB of files for free!



We live in an age where we are exposed to more information than ever before. From Twitter, Facebook and Instagram timelines to search results, there is an awful lot of information to take in and process. Pocket allows you to save and discover new content in one easy to use place. A simple one click ‘save to pocket’ option will become available on all articles and images that you find on the web. Once you have some free time, you can head into the app and read the interesting articles you’ve recently found. A fantastic app to ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, but without being overwhelmed by a plethora of articles.


Primer By Google

Primer is a relatively new app from Google that gives you bite-size chunks of marketing information to learn and develop in your own time. It features interactive activities that can help you learn new ideas in a short space of time. The power of co-branding, using video content to create a community and identify customers’ needs to create better solutions are some of the current lessons available on the app. This is the perfect app for when you are commuting to and from the office.


Stay tuned for more marketing smartphone apps coming up in future blog posts.

*All screenshots taken on an Android device.

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