5 questions to ask yourself about your social media strategy

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social-med1You’ve already taken the plunge into social media some while ago but somehow, you aren’t seeing the results you were expecting. Or maybe you’re seeing results, but you think you’ve reached a plateau?

Social media marketing is not something set-in-stone and maybe it’s about time you stop and ask yourself these five key questions about your social media strategy. By answering them you can actually understand if your social media is working great, whether it needs little tweaks or needs to be totally re-created.

  • Are your results matching your goals?

One of the first things to do when you create your social media strategy is to sit down and write your goals that should match your business goals. This is key since your whole social media plan and its measurement will be based on those goals.

Doesn’t matter if your goals are to drive sales, brand awareness or more subscriptions to your newsletter. They should be relevant and straight to the point.

So when you analyse your metrics month after month (or week after week), they should tell you either you are or are not achieving those goals.

If they’re, great, keep up the good work, but if they’re not, maybe it’s about time to re-evaluate your goals or either re-evaluate your social media strategy. Are you using the right networks or the right type of content?

  • Are you getting interaction and engagement?

There are many businesses that have a huge number of followers on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest but then their pages have little interaction or engagement.

If you didn’t buy those followers (which is not a tactic we recommend) that means they started following you because they’ve seen some value in your page and content.

If you’re a brand like Disney or Nike, you have nothing to worry about. You have a beloved, conversational brand. But what if you’re a relatively new brand? You may not have the same brand advantages… unless you can make yourself into a conversational brand.

So if you’re getting lots of interaction and engagement, great, keep up the good work, but if you’re not, try to analyse what’s happening. Are you only broadcasting on social media, and really not asking or replying to questions, finding interesting conversations and engaging in them? It should be about time to become a more conversational brand.

  • Am I using the right tools to measure?

Measuring social media results is important to any social media strategy since it will tell you if you’re having any ROI (return on investment). But using the right tools to measure, it’s key to analyse the points that matter to you.

Almost all social media networks have their own metrics and stats available, like Facebook Insights, but depending on your goals and what you need to check these might not be enough, or you might need to have different tools to analyse the same network and cross information to get the results you want.

If the tools you’re using are telling you everything you need to know about your social media efforts, great, keep up the good work, but if you feel you’re missing key stats, maybe it’s time to start using other external tools (free or paid) that will tell you much more of what you need.

  • Is your company sustaining social media?

You’ve decided to invest in your social media marketing, but is your company sustaining that? It’s very different being a business that has a social media presence than being a social business.

A social business is a business that understands the value of nurturing valuable relationships with their customers, being on social media or on other channels. This means that it shouldn’t be just the person managing social media that needs to be social, but the company as a whole. What’s the point in having a great customer service on social media if your customer service at your store doesn’t keep up with that?

If you’re already investing in becoming a social business as a whole, great, keep up the good work, but if you feel there’s a gap between social media and the rest of your company culture, maybe it’s time to check and change that.

  • Should I hire someone else to deal with my social media?

There are many different options regarding who manages social media. That depends on, amongst other things, a company’s goals, size and budget.

Whatever choice you’ve decided, ask yourself if it’s working for your social media goals. Maybe you’re doing it yourself but it’s getting so overwhelming that you need to hire a social media manager, or even work with a social media agency that can do all the work letting you concentrate on other things?

If you think the option you’ve chosen it’s spot on for your company, great, keep up the good work, but if you feel your social media management would work best if done in a different way, maybe it’s time to analyse your options and maybe hire someone else.

These are our 5 key questions you need ask to evaluate your social media strategy since social media and the online world are changing frequently and what works today might not work tomorrow.

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