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5 Quick Ways To Lower Pay Per Click Costs

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 30 Mar 2015 by SocialB
Paid Search (PPC)

Time is of the essence in any business and everyone dreams of a few extra hours in the day to get their work done. Pay per click accounts depending on the size of your offering can take up so much time, setting them up, tracking, reporting, analysis, optimisation etc.

Here at SocialB we want to help small, medium and large organizations with hints and tips that could be time savers and work on developing a strong Pay Per Click ROI. Check out the below 5 quick ways to lower pay per click costs but improve your sales ROI .

1. Build Negative Keywords In

To support a strong ROI negative keywords need to be added to campaigns and adgroups. Negative keywords are those users might relate to your products but are not relevant. E.g. if you sell ‘dolls houses’ for children you might not sell ‘collectable dolls houses’ which is a popular hobby for many therefore ‘collectable’ will need to be a negative to filter that irrelevant traffic and ensure your traffic is a high quality. This information can be found in the adwords dimensions tab and search terms view. By cutting out the irrelevant you apply focus and budget to those areas working well.

2. Scheduling

When is your audience online? Are you gaining sales at 2 am, 3 am or later? Or are your sales generally seen between 7am and 12am? Use your settings tab to schedule your ads. This will focus conversion rate and bring down costs wasted in the early hours.

3. Geo Targeting

Where is your audience? Think carefully about where your ads are showing or should be showing. If you offer a uk wide delivery service your campaigns can be uk wide. If you are a local tradesman in London your geo-targeting might need to be tight and based on postcodes. Save costs and target your ROI via the location tab in Adwords.

4 . Pause the poor performers

Testing is always worth trying and, therefore, keywords and ad groups may have been set up historically, however, are they now performing? If not and there cutting into the budgets then try pausing them and seeing what effect it has on ROI.

5. Match Types

What match types are you currently running keywords on? Is the reach too much for the rate of conversion? Search query reports will help identify these. Test alternative match types and consider the reach Broad match terms could be costing. The audience is key therefore consider the volume of users you could be reaching.

If you need help with any of our 5 quick ways to lower pay per click costs but improve your sales ROI

or need a little advice give us a Tweet @SocialBuk with any questions.

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