5 Reasons to Consider Social Video Marketing

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man-camera-taking-photo-photographerVisual marketing is on the rise; every day we are greeted with more and more stats revealing the success of online video. Both Facebook and YouTube boast increasing video plays, and longer watch times. Video is dominating social media marketing, and as such should be considered by all brands and industries.

Audiences, particularly millennials and digital natives, have come to expect that brands will cover the entire scope of marketing, from print to digital. With so much video content thrown in our faces every day, we have come to rely on this quick, easy, some would say spoon-fed method of taking in information. Marketing is and always has been, about meeting your audience where they are, rather than struggling to bring them to you.

Nielsen claims 64% of marketers from businesses of every sector and size expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future, which will come as no surprise to many amongst you.

In a keynote address at CES, YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content Robert Kyncl said that video would soon account for 90% of internet traffic.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that video-based social media networks like Vine, Instagram or Periscope are consistently emerging and gaining traction.

If you are considering adding video to your content strategy, here are 5 top reasons that will convince you to take the leap:

1. Increased reach

Across almost every social media platform, videos have a higher chance of reaching a higher audience. The reason for this is simple: users prefer content that is easy to digest. Video content requires no active effort – take Facebook, for example, a platform in which videos autoplay as a user scrolls their NewsFeed. With this method, users can have consumed an entire video without actively pursuing or engaging with it, they don’t even have to press ‘play’. Compare this to a blog, in which a user has to actively open and read your content.

Many users find it much more appealing to watch an engaging video than it is to read an article on the same subject, so the chances of the video being watched and shared (reaching a wider audience) are much higher. What is more, your creative scope is much broader with a video – a more creative video will have more of a ‘wow’ factor, and will be more likely to be shared.

2. More sales

A recent study revealed that consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products, compared to those who do not watch product videos.

You don’t even need to be an eCommerce store to benefit from this. Even if you have a traditional brick-and-mortar store, or sell services, creating engaging videos that show your products or services being used can increase traffic to both your website and physical store, and convert visitors into customers.

Seeing products or services being used is very relatable. If a user can picture themselves as a user of your product or service, they can better understand the product, and it is much easier for them to develop a real need for the product.

It’s always a good idea to include calls-to-action in your videos, as this will take a customer from a potential customer, and encourage them to convert.

3. Help your audience

People turn to social media to find valuable, honest content. By this, we are referring to content that helps them in any way, with problems or issues they may have.

This is why tutorials and “how-to” videos are one of the most searched for type of videos on YouTube and other channels.

Brands and businesses can  take advantage of this by creating videos that direct their target audience, by demonstrating products or services, or providing industry specific tips.

If your videos are valuable, enlightening and truly useful, your audience will be increasingly engaged that will come to rely on this free resource and will come back for more – hopefully not just your free resources, but your product or service, too.

4. Show your company culture

It’s one thing writing a piece of text in the news section of your website talking about your latest product launch, or about a recent event in which you were involved, but it is another thing altogether sharing this through video. It is widely known that users are curious to know what goes on behind-the-scenes at every company, this includes who you and your team are. Using video can be a great way of creating a more intimate relationship with your audience, becoming more transparent to your audience.

Transparency is honesty, and honesty builds trust. Allowing your audience to see the faces behind your company, and get more of an idea of the tone and culture of the company will help them to feel more connected to your brand.

5. Show testimonials

Instead of having customer’s testimonials written on a page on your website, actually have videos of customers talking about your products or services.

Testimonials become much more meaningful when you can actually see the person giving the review instead of just reading it. This method will allow potential customers to not only see the words but see the enthusiasm with which they are delivered. Positive testimonials will be hugely reinforced if delivered through video.

Ask your best customers or your brand advocates to give you a video review for a powerful piece of content that can help convert new clients.


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