5 Reasons Why Timing Is Everything In PPC

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Paid Search (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a fast paced marketing channel, unlike SEO changes can be made in real time. It’s important therefore that offers, discounts, ad copy, keywords, landing pages etc are all specific to the time they are running. Scheduling can be a great tool to ensure forward planning.

Here at SocialB we want to help small, medium and large organizations with hints and tips that can help you manage your PPC efforts. Check out the below 5 reasons why timing is everything in PPC


Seasonality is key for PPC. The account activity may differ from Summer to Winter for example. During seasons, the ad copy may change to relate to the season e.g. Summer Sale Now On. Timing on this in the UK specifically might be dependant on the weather.

Search Trends

Search trends change all the time, for example, the Christmas shoppers seem to start searching earlier and earlier every year. Very often it is November before retailers think ‘quick sort the PPC campaigns’. This is a prime example of when search trends must be reviewed to ensure campaigns are timed accordingly.


Do you know what your competitors are doing, when and where they are in the search space with PPC? You might know they go into sale at certain times of the year. Could your sale period get in there first? Timing your campaigns to withstand competition could have benefits.

Forward Planning

Planning is imperative to ensure time is of the essence. Like they say ‘time is money’ and this applies to PPC also. To support forward planning you can set up scheduling in Adwords so certain activity goes live on certain days or stops on certain days.

Buying Habits

The way people search through the buying cycle can be very different. Long tail keywords might be used towards the end of a purchase which might be on a Thursday or Friday for example compared to short keywords used in the early stages of the buying cycle. Utilize your account data to then optimize bid increases around key times of the day/week.

If you need help with any of our 5 reasons why timing is everything in PPC or need a little advice give us a Tweet @SocialBuk with any questions.

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