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5 Simple Ways Of Improving Conversion Rate

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 05 Jan 2015 by Carla
Conversion Optimisation

At the end of the day (usually a long one!) we’re all in business to be a success and hopefully make a profit. This takes some hard work and a website that converts leads into sales; this is where conversion optimisation is vital to growing your business.

If you want to increase your website sales then you need to increase your conversion rate, driving traffic to your site takes valuable time and resources but if those visitors are not buying your products then its time to re-evaluate.

Sometimes it’s the small changes and tweaks that can make all the difference when it comes to conversion optimisation. Try these 5 simple ways of improving the conversion rate on your website.

1. Test Don’t Guess

Time is precious and we can all think we know what is and isn’t working on our website – don’t we? Stop guessing and put your landing page to the test. One example could be trying different headlines for the same page and see which page turns the most visitors into paying customers. SEO TIP – If you create two nearly identical pages remember to carefully apply a canonical link to avoid any search engine penalties.

2. Navigation

Whilst every page on your website is a potential landing page and hopefully, your SEO efforts get your visitors to where they want to be, they still might like to browse and maybe purchase more! Hence how important website navigation is to conversion optimisation.  The key here is to make it fluid and obvious; navigation should be second nature to users without them having to ‘search’ for other items. Check that you are not using jargon and the Contact Us page is easily located and has all the relevant information on so you don’t miss that sale.

3. Page Layout / Buttons

If you’ve got the navigation right but still need more help converting visitors to customers then look closely at the page layout. Let’s start with the basics, any page layout must include a product photograph or two if necessary (preferably including a zoom), videos work really well too and let customers get up close and personal. Bullet points to outline the products key points followed by detailed product information. Adding customer reviews on products pages is a great conversion optimisation tip; research shows that people believe what other customers say (who have bought the product) much more than they believe you. Finally, no product page layout is complete without the Buy Now / Add to Cart etc buttons. Getting the right wording, size and placement on the page of these buttons can really improve your conversion rate.

4. Create Value

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and all the page layout changes and navigation improvements won’t make any difference if you are not showing added value for the customer in what do and what you sell.  That doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest, but take a look at your competitors; what makes you stand out from them.  Internet shoppers are savvy creatures and they do their homework so make sure you clearly state the extra value they will get buying from you.   SEO TIP – The home page is best place to add a paragraph about how you add value to the buying experience.

5. Shopping Basket

This is the final place where you can fail on conversion optimisation, you’ve got everything else right and the customer wants to buy your product. Your basket and checkout platform must work effortlessly if you want to keep the customer happy and increase your conversion rate. Keep it simple and uncomplicated and above all make sure it works!

Finally, remember there are other conversions that you can measure on your website, not just sales. Look at how you can improve the number of people who sign up for a newsletter or read your blog, even completing a ‘Contact Us’ form or downloading a ‘How to’ guide. Think outside the box when it comes to conversion optimisation, that customer who reads your blog this week may well be back next week to make a purchase.

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