5 Social Media Trends That Are Impacting Business

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As we move closer to 2014, the New Year is a good time to take stock and look at what your social media marketing strategy is for the year ahead.  In order to maintain and grow any business today, social media is one area that is not going to go away.

Stay ahead of your competition with our top 5 social media trends that are impacting businesses.

Social Media Ads

While Facebook ads have been around a while and Twitter ads joined in recently, Google+ has just announced their plan to run +Post ads, turning content into display ads across their network of over 2 million websites.  With the continual growth of social media sites and users, advertising via this media is only going to grow.


Blogging continues to be a great way to interact with past, present and potential customers and links social media to your website through the creation of great content.  If you’re not writing a blog yet, you can bet your competitors are, so don’t get left behind in 2014.


2013 saw Facebook use hashtags showing that the # symbol is here to stay.  Other forms of media are now including hashtags for example in radio, television and paper advertising to tie in the social media aspect. This can strengthen presence and brands, you may even overhear it in conversations when people want to emphasise a word!

Measuring Social Media

While social media races further ahead with so many new and different networks, as a business it is essential to monitor the success or not so successful reach of your hard work.  In addition to social media platforms improving their own measuring tools, independent social media reporting and audits are becoming available to measure and check up on the effectiveness for your efforts.

SoLoMo (Social Location and Mobile)

With 1 in 5 searches being local, the link between social media platforms and the physical location of a business using a mobile device is evidence that SME businesses need to target the right people with the right content to maximize social reach in 2014.

One thing is for sure, how we work online has changed and having a website is simply not enough anymore, social media is now part of our everyday lives and a trend that will continue to impact businesses.

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