5 Social Media trends that are impacting Businesses

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7K0A0603It’s the beginning of a new year and whilst trying to juggle many things at the same time, you’re probably wondering which trends in social media you need to be aware of to help reach your customers more effectively this year.

Here at SocialB, we’ve identified 5 social media trends that started in 2013 that we believe are getting bigger in 2014:


A study by IDC says that 87% of connected devices sold will be smartphones and tablets by 2017. Mobile has been growing for a while and the continuing migration will entice marketers to make it a larger part of their multichannel strategies or to add it if they weren’t using it before since nowadays many users go on social media trough their smartphones.

For some companies, this means developing mobile apps or making their websites more usable on smartphone and tablet screens. Others will increase their mobile ad spend. Whatever the choice, make sure you’re not missing this great opportunity.

Video and Photos

We have seen the massive increase of image sharing online and how it is proven to be more appealing to viewers than text-based content. Visual content will continuously dominate the world of social media and become an important part of any strong content strategy.

The rise of social media trends has been significantly affected by visual content -images and video (specially micro-video). Contents with images are more likely to be shared and spread out faster than content that’s stuffed with text only.

Paid Social Ads

Many businesses have seen great results from paid social ads due to the deep user engagement and more sophisticated targeting tools on social media, so expect the trend to accelerate in 2014.

According to Adroll, news feed ads on Facebook generate 49 times more clicks than right-hand side ads. Meanwhile, LinkedIn offers Sponsored Updates, and Pinterest is currently testing Promoted Pins. If these programs show the same effectiveness as Facebook’s, other channels may see this as a great opportunity to cater to business accounts, and raise more revenues.

New Channels

There are many social media channels starting all the time, most of them have a short life and we don’t even know about them. Others are a huge success right from the start or might have a slow start, just to become a success later on.

While Facebook continues to lead the pack in terms of number of monthly active users, Google+ is quickly gaining steam with the second highest number of monthly users. MySpace part two is promising to make a big success in 2014 and channels like Vine, Instagram and Pinterest are becoming more successful by the day since they’re heavily focused on visuals like photos and micro-video.

So if your social media strategy is focusing only on Facebook and Twitter, take a look into these new channels as they can prove to be a great strategy to a business.

User-generated content

A big trend in 2013 was seeing many brands encouraging their followers to bring content and then using that content. It can be their followers posting photos using a product and then post it on Instagram or Facebook with a specific hashtag or running contests where users have to generate content. The brands then moderate the content, posting it on their profiles, cover photos, blogs, etc.

Not only user-generated content is free, it is also a great way for brands to reach a wider audience, gain new followers and potential customers and keep their followers engaged.

Have you noticed other social media trends that you think will get bigger in 2014? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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