5 Things Your Business Should Have On Its Website

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When talking about online success, a conversion is pretty much at the pinnacle of website goals. Whilst driving traffic to your site is vital, if those hard earned visitors don’t convert into leads, sales or other conversion targets there’s little point in investing in a website. Conversion optimisation is the answer and should be part of your website marketing strategy.

So what exactly is a conversion? You immediately think of selling a product, which is probably the ultimate conversion and if it worked like that all of the time life would be easy! Sometimes we need to coax and lead customers to that final purchase, which may not be online but in store or over the telephone.

Other conversion optimisation goals include getting customers to sign up for your newsletter or blog, registering for a webinar, filling out a contact form or downloading a leaflet. Depending on your business these are all actions that count as conversions.

Here’s a few tips on what your business should have on your website to help your conversion rates.

1. Great title tags, meta descriptions and headlines…

It’s not only for SEO that we need to ensure these fundamental website requirements are catchy, engaging and grab attention as they contribute towards conversion optimisation too. If you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle pay attention to title tags and headlines to show users immediately they are on the right website for their search.

2. Calls to Action…

If you’ve ever been on a sales training course, you know that asking for the sale is a given. Your website needs to do the same, ask your visitors to do what you want them to do via calls to action. Whether you want them to ‘click here’, ‘sign up’, ‘watch video, ‘download’, ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’, these requests should be bold and clearly displayed.

3. An easily found telephone number…

You’d be amazed at how many websites have their telephone number tucked at the bottom of their ‘about us’ page. When a customer wants to contact you they need to find your number quickly, that phone call can also be converted into a sale!   Your telephone number should be in your header clearly displayed for your customers.

4. A search button…

An effective search facility is a must if your website sells products online. Visitors may land on a particular product page, but if that item is not to their taste or exact requirements they could leave. By having an easily found ‘Search’ button they are more likely to stay on your website rather than go back to the search engine results page and go to your competitor.

5. Show what other customers bought…

Showing what others customer bought, related or similar items at the bottom of product pages is an engaging way to keep customers on your website and entice further purchases, hence increasing conversions.

A final conversion optimisation tip is to make sure your shopping basket and checkout system work efficiently. It must be simple to use and easy to navigate, because if you succeed at all of the above you don’t want to trip at the final hurdle!

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