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5 tips on how to create great content for social media

We’ve all been there, in the thick of a busy week, when our calendar pops up and tells us we need to update our blog or social media profiles. Being creative/witty/interested/persuasive (*delete as appropriate) is the last thing on our mind as we stare at our blank iMac screens with a severe bout of writer’s block. The ever helpful people at SocialB know this is a problem for many of the people we work with, which is why we have devised our list of “5 tips on how to create great content for social media”, meaning you will never be stuck for words again!

5 tips on how to create great content for social media:

1. Create an editorial diary

You may think this is creating more work, but let us tell you it helps no end when you are trying to create great content! Sit quietly one day with your social media marketing strategy to hand, and jot down ideas (however works best for you) for posts that you feel your followers will be interested in. You may want to include a couple of bullet points upon which you can elaborate in your post.

2. Research hot topics and current events

Relevance is key when trying to engage people with your content. Take time to read industry specific magazines, the news and other blogs and as you come across thought-provoking images or articles, take photos or send the links to yourself via email with the Subject-line “Content Ideas”. When you next want to write some great content, you will have lots of current inspiration to hand.

3. Be social

If you are the sole employee of your own company, or maybe work from home, sometimes being creative is difficult as you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Why not set up a regular meeting with a “blogging buddy” and meet somewhere creative, like a buzzy coffee shop or co-working space and set a mutual goal of creating content.

4. Ask the audience

What better than to respond to request from your target audience – ask your followers via social media what it is they would like to know about your business or industry and then write content based on their requests. This way you will truly engage your audience with your brand, impress them with your knowledge and make them feel part of your online community. What’s in it for you? You have a readymade content topic!

5. Link up

Humans are socialable beings, we like sharing knowledge and ideas, and especially enjoy it when a like-minded person directs us to a new piece of information. When writing your content for social media, make it great by referencing other businesses that are relevant to yours. Sign up to other newsletters as they can often be used as great inspiration for a spin-off post of your own. Hyperlink to others websites which may even encourage the third party to share your update.

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