5 tips on how to drive Twitter traffic to your website

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Twitter-798x310Twitter is a superb platform for reaching out to loyal customers and attracting new ones. Social, buzzy and fast-paced it provides unique opportunities for valuable interaction. Approaching its tenth birthday (yes, Twitter will be 10 years old in 2016) Twitter has become mainstream with a whopping 20% of the UK population expected to be users in 2014/2015. Taking into account all of the above it’s easy to forget the main purpose for having a presence on the network – attracting new customers and driving traffic to your website in order to increase sales. If you need to get back on track then follow our 5 tips on how to drive Twitter traffic to your website offering you a greater chance of making a sale.

Here are our 5 tips on how to drive Twitter traffic to your website:

1. Link to your website from your Twitter bio!

As simple as it sounds this is often a key mistake Twitter users make. If there is no link to your site on your Twitter profile, how can you expect people to find you!

2. Build up trust in your brand through regular and quality Tweeting

You’ve set up an account, added a quirky bio and made your first steps into the world of Twitter. The important thing now is to keep it up – stick to your company’s style guide and tone of voice. Tweet interesting, accurate and relevant content and do it consistently. Your followers will come to trust you as an expert in your field and over time may migrate to your site when looking to buy a product or service you offer.

3. Dangle a carrot – Tweet hyperlinks to interesting content on your site

This trick is not new. Think about reading a traditional newspaper, you skim the text and use the headlines as signposts to guide you to the most interesting content. Twitter is no different. Use your 140 characters wisely to grab followers attention and include a hyperlink which redirects them to your website where they will be able to read more.

4. Make sure your website is fast

We’ve all been there, especially now most of us access the web via remote devices on 3G or Wi-Fi. We click on a link that’s caught our eye and it takes more than about five seconds to load. Impatient, we swipe right to go back and move on. Speak to your website hosting company to ensure your site is as quick as it can be. This will ensure customers land upon your page within seconds and will give you a higher conversion rate.

5. Engage in other’s Twitter conversations

Here at SocialB we spend lots of time stressing how social media is a two-way conversation. The clue is in the name! When potential customers see your business name on the screen and read your tweets, you can engage further by saying a quick hello when they follow you. Retweeting interesting content of theirs, or offering an informed opinion in response to one of their questions. This simple engagement gives your business a personal touch and can encourage your Twitter followers to visit your website and find out more about what you do.

SocialB offer both internal and external training on all things social media, including free online webinars to help you with your Social Media marketing. Can you offer any other tips on how to drive Twitter traffic to your website? Tell us below!

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