5 tips to create very Pinteresting business boards!

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5 SEO tricks for PinterestPinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks nowadays. Many businesses are now realising the true potential of this channel in order to reach their audiences by using it as part of their social media strategy.

Each day, social media is getting more visual. Pinterest allows you to showcase your products, services and brand in a creative way.

If you’re a business investing on social media and starting out on Pinterest or are already there but want ideas to create more, here are 5 Pinteresting business boards tips you cannot:

1.      Show the behind-the-scenes of your company

People are always very curious to see what’s happening behind-the-scenes, and this is true not only to well-known big brands but also for start-ups and small companies.

So create a board where you show your audience images of your office, store, of your staff, clients (with their permission), events, parties, the office cat, etc.

Make sure your images are interesting and creative; this can be a great way for people to know a bit more of your brand and culture to engage with you.

2.      Create a discussion board

When you have enough engaged followers, you can create a discussion board.

Like an online forum, a Pinterest discussion group board features a designated topic for discussion and invites other pinners to weigh in with responses in the description box.

Depending on your goals and audience, you can post a topic for discussion on a daily or weekly basis. Make sure you inform your followers on other networks like Twitter or Facebook so they can join in the discussion on Pinterest.

3.      Showcase your products and services in a creative way

You definitely should showcase your products and services on Pinterest, but instead of just showing them, why not go the extra mile and show them being used?

For example if you sell high-end stainless steel cookware, why not showing your products whilst they’re being used by a well-know chef, or even by a customer? This is not only interesting and creative, but it can also help you create social proof.

4.      Create “how-to” boards

Pinterest is a great place to go when you need guidance in order to do something, so

boards based on “how-to” information do very well on Pinterest.

If you have content that can educate, inform, teach or transfer knowledge to your audience (like a video), create some boards around it. The nice thing is, as long as the information relates to your business, it doesn’t even have to be your original content, as long as you properly credit it.

 5.      Create related boards

Pinterest provides you with unique opportunities to be creative, so don’t stop at having boards directly related to your products or services, but create boards that are related to them and can provide your followers with valuable and interesting information.

For example if you sell hair products, it’s a safe bet that your customers are interested in information about hair. While a board on taking care of your hair or hair styles might not be directly related to your products, it is tangentially related, and it would be of interest to your audience, working as a way to attract potential customers.

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