5 tips to get your business started on YouTube

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Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockYouTube is an often underused platform when it comes to social media marketing. Yes, it depends heavily on your product or service, but if suitable the rewards can be huge. YouTube channels can attract a large amount of subscribers who tune in on a regular basis for new videos – according to reports YouTube has more unique monthly visitors than any other social network! Today on the SocialB Blog, we discuss whether YouTube is worth exploring for your business and give you our 5 tips to get your business started on YouTube.

So, is YouTube right for my business? Here are our 5 tips to get your business started on YouTube:

1. Create your own channel

YouTube ask you to sign up via a Google account, and you can create one channel per account. This is a good opportunity to establish a new non-personal Gmail account so that someone from your business can manage your account without using your personal information. Create a channel, add a striking image, name and a description which allows the reader to have an idea of the content you post.

2. Link your channel to existing Social Media

Integrate with existing social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Add widgets (buttons) to your Facebook page allowing people to access your YouTube channel from there. Chances are you already have a captive audience on other channels who would love to see different content from your business. Just remember, populate before communicating your new channel. Start perhaps with three videos: welcome, who we are, what we do.

3. Decide on a style and stick to it

Do some research on others in your field of business that have a YouTube channel and decide what your angle is going to be. A series of how-to videos? Perhaps some demonstrations of your new product? Or if you offer a service you may choose to publish a short daily motivational video. Whichever you choose, consistency is the key to success for businesses on YouTube. Subscribers are drawn in by an initial video, and become loyal subscribers once they see more of the same. By keeping the content of your video engaging, but presenting it in the same format with a familiar style encourages return viewers.

4. Be original

According to YouTube itself there are over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, and over 6 billion hours are watched each month. There is lots of competition! If you want to stand out from the crowd, be original! Think about your opening and closing credits, your unique selling point, or your own personal strengths and personality traits which help to make your business what is it and ensure these come across in your content.

5. Include annotations to hook people in

YouTube annotations are a custom interactive navigation tool that can be layered over your videos. The pop-up notes are very effective in driving traffic and increasing followers. Use annotations to provide viewers with a big bold “subscribe” button, or to direct them to different videos on your channel – better to direct users next move than leave it to chance! You can also add calls to action – using an annotation to direct your customers to an offer on your website perhaps.

When it come to tips to get your business started on YouTube, here at SocialB we are all for sharing! If you think we’ve left anything important off of our list, share below your ideas for creating a successful YouTube channel!

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