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5 Tips To Get Your Social Media Off To A Great Start In 2017

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 06 Jan 2017 by SocialB
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With another year of social media marketing ahead of us figuring out the best way to get started can be daunting. These 5 tips will make sure that you get 2017 off to the best start possible.

1. Review

The New Year is a perfect opportunity to look back at how social media has worked for you and review it. Look at the analytics for each of your platforms and assess what has worked and what hasn’t. If videos are really popular then create more. If your #MondayMotivation tweets always get a great engagement then make sure they are planned into your calendar. If the posts you regularly create aren’t getting engagement try and figure out why. Is it that the timing was wrong or was it the wrong day? Or, and be honest with yourself, was the content just not what your customer is really interested in.

2. Look For New Ways To Engage

Social media is constantly evolving so take time to have a catch up on the different platforms you are using and make sure that you are using all of the services available to you. Every one of the social media platforms have introduced new tools in 2016, all intended to give you new ways of reaching your audience. Are you using Facebook Offers or live video? Could you create your own Instagram story? Or promote your Pins on Pinterest and use their new business format to showcase your best sellers? In particular, try and incorporate video into your content as it is becoming increasingly important. Benefit Cosmetics do this extremely well on Facebook with a mix of both regular and live video to really engage with their audience and to encourage them to get involved with their products.

3. Identify Your Evergreen Content

Whilst social media should always be kept fresh and up to date, there is some content that is “evergreen” and can be recycled. This is usually material that doesn’t have an expiry on it like a how-to video, a beginners guide, top tips, FAQs or any content that doesn’t require a major update. Whilst you shouldn’t push this type of content out all the time it can form an important part of what you share with your audience on your website, your blog and across social media. New and old customers can benefit from evergreen content if it is used correctly.

4. Declutter!

If you are a regular user of social media your feeds and timelines can quickly become cluttered. As a business, following others can be a great way of finding valuable content for you to share with your customers but you should only follow or like people or businesses that add value to your business. Start the year by looking through the pages or accounts you like and see which ones have actually provided you with content you have been able to share with your audience. If you’ve never shared anything or found their content interesting then stop following them. You may also find some that you have simply forgotten about. Twitter Lists are a great way of organizing who you follow. A small amount of time sorting who you follow into relevant lists will save you much more time in scrolling through your timeline or visiting lots of different accounts.

5. Look Ahead

Finding ideas for your social media can be scary, particularly if you are at the start of year and you have a blank 12 months ahead of you. Now is the time to build yourself a content calendar. Start listing all of the relevant dates for your business i.e. promotions your events and include them all in your calendar. Next, add in other dates like trade fairs or other external events and include seasonal dates like Valentines, Mothers Day and Christmas. Highlight when you should start talking about them. Helpful hint: talking about them on the day is normally too late! On top of that think about the things that your audience are likely to be talking about and include similar topics in your calendar. So if your products or your customers are family orientated make sure you include things like half term activities or free places to visit that are family friendly. Finally, add in your product or service content where you want to talk about what you specifically offer. When you add into the calendar your extras like blogs, items you can share from others, your evergreen content and topical conversations that you add on an ad-hoc basis your calendar will quite quickly go from an empty space to a full schedule of content you can share.

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