5 Tips To Get Your YouTube Audience Targeting Right

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With over a billion users, YouTube can be a powerful way of connecting and engaging with your audience. But with so many potential viewers how can you reach your audience? These 5 tips will help you get your YouTube targeting right.

pure-css-youtube-logo1. Define what you are trying to achieve

An important part of targeting the right audience is to define what you want to achieve on YouTube. Is it to increase brand awareness, provide support or sell a specific product or service? Is what you want to achieve on YouTube different to other social media platforms?

Once you have established what you want to achieve this will impact on who your potential audience is and how to best target and engage with them.

2. Research your YouTube audience

This may seem like a really obvious point but to really get your targeting right you have to know who your audience are. Don’t rely on who you think they are but use data and analytics to know who your audience are. YouTube Analytics provides you with a wealth of data about your existing audience and will help you know where they are from, how old they are, what they watch and how long they watch for.

Add a poll card to your video to directly ask your audience what they do and don’t like. This relatively new YouTube feature not only helps you engage with your audience but understand them better so that you can target them in the future.

3. Be consistent

Consistency across your YouTube channel can help you build credibility which makes it easier to reach and target your audience. When your audience watches your videos they should know what to expect and what they are likely to get out of it. Consistency is a key part of building loyalty within your following which in turn makes them more likely to engage and share your video content.

The more regular viewers and subscribers you have the more that YouTube are likely to show your content to a similar audience when they search. The Slow Mo Guys are a great example – their audience knows what to expect and in turn they listen to their audience to understand what they want to watch and build their future video content around it.

4. Create the right content

Once you know who your audience are you can make sure that you are creating the right content for them. This makes your audience more likely to share and comment on your content which widens your reach to other similar viewers within your target audience.

Simon's Cat YouTube End Card ExampleRemember that even if you use all of the tips and tools they won’t work if your content doesn’t appeal to your viewers. When your content appeals you can include end cards in your content to increase the amount of videos that your audience will watch. At the end of each video, for example, Simon’s Cat have an end card which directs their audience to other videos and encourages subscriptions.

YouTube value watch time, so the more your audience watch the higher you will appear in rankings so when your target audience search they are more likely to find you.

5. Use the right keywords

This is another obvious one but something that is often forgotten. You need to tell YouTube what your videos are about so that they can identify your video when your potential audience searches for it.

Ask yourself what are your audience searching for? What words will they use to find you? Make sure that the keywords you use are what you know your audience are using to search and include them in your video title, description, tags and video transcript. Helping YouTube identify your video will help you target your audience in the right way.

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