5 tips to humanise your business’ Facebook page

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Facebook_Sticker_IconIt can be very straight forward to set up a Facebook business page as part of your marketing approach. What’s not so simple is posting sociably, presenting a human face so that people want to interact with you, follow your page, get familiar with your products and ultimately become your next customer. Here are our 5 tips to help you humanise your Facebook business page:

  • Check your tone

Use a voice that sounds like a real person rather than a marketer writing an advert. Before you set about posting links to your company homepage where you’ve not updated the content in a while, think about what you’d tend to enjoy reading in your own newsfeed. Humanise your Facebook business page by using a conversational tone, humour and giving a nod to topical events or notable dates. This kind of down-to-earth communication can be a real culture shock if you’ve been used to traditional marketing, but it’s very much here to stay.

  • Don’t be shy

Step out from behind your logo or picture of your shop front. Facebook is all about people reaching out to people.  Showcase the key people who have influenced your business from the founder to the employees behind the scenes. Highlight the events, achievements and honours that you’ve earned as a business, taking care to mention the people responsible for your successes.

  • Invite discussion and interact

Taking a regular break from ‘broadcasting’ your messages to network with your fans and future contacts is an essential if you’re going to truly humanise your Facebook business page.  Asking for ‘Likes’ can make you seem a little desperate. Attract fans by engaging them. Make sure you ask your them questions, hold contests or post Facebook-only offers for fans. Comment on or share their entries and posts.

  • Expect and prepare for customer enquiries and feedback

Take the opportunity, as you build a great interpersonal relationship with supporters on Facebook, to encourage page visitors to contact you with queries and opinions about your products. The usual ‘TripAdvisor’ style response rules apply here. Respond to everything. Admit if you’re wrong. Welcome ideas for improvement. Show gratitude for customer recommendations and share them.

  • Avoid being overly ‘corporate’

Make the most of any areas where you can enter information about your business. Be creative in the way you use the ‘About us’ page for example, to make it more light-hearted and customer focussed.

Step away from using the same stock photography you use for your brochures and website. Involve you staff and fans in gathering relevant images that demonstrate how brilliant you product is or give fans and insider view of the culture of your business.

Although it might make senior management shudder, letting staff post can really work. There are some caveats to this approach but it can take you from corporate and glossy to friendly and approachable.


The battle to stay in prime position on the Facebook newsfeeds of your target audience is set to become very challenging for brands as Facebook continues to tighten up its algorithm to make sure its users see the best, most relevant and highest quality content. Humanise your Facebook business page by focussing on the people who make your business what it is.

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