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7K0A0478There’s this saying that in social media marketing content is king. And it contains a lot of truth since as a franchise the content you deliver to your audience has to be really interesting and valuable.

But in order to provide that valuable content on a consistent basis, you need to have some kind of management system or organisation so you make sure you’re delivering great content but not losing a lot of your time around it, time that you need to be dedicating to other aspects of your franchise.

Here are our 5 main tips to manage your content marketing on a weekly basis:

1. Have an editorial calendar

This is one of the top have-to-do things for anyone managing social media content.

An editorial calendar will save you precious time every week when trying to decide what to write a blog post about or what kind of updates are you writing on Twitter or Facebook.

It can be a 6 month or 1 year calendar and you can include everything that is relevant to your business, such as key business events along the year, product launches, parties, competitions or promotions you want to advertise in key times of the year like Valentines or Halloween, etc.

You can even choose a specific product or theme each week that you want to promote.

By doing this you’ll be more in control of your content and will help you tremendously in its management.

2. Use a content management system

If you’re not already using a social media management system, we strongly advise you to consider using one like Hootsuite.

With this kind of tool you can manage your social media channels and your content really easily and all in the same place. This means not having to login to each account because you can have all accounts inside this tool.

You can write and schedule content days, weeks and months in advance and saving you precious time.

Other great benefit is that it allows you to do content searches by keywords and find great content!

3. Get organised and set priorities

Even with an editorial calendar and a content management system, it is key that you get yourself organised and set your priorities.

All the time you dedicate to your social media needs to be productive so you don’t spend long hours per week working on it.

Write a plan of activities in advance each week so you know exactly how much time you’ll spend writing content like blog posts, creating a video or posting/scheduling content

4. Set time aside

Besides getting organised and setting up your priorities, it’s also important to decide how much time you’ll dedicate each week to social media content, because this can change every week.

For example if you have a brick-and-mortar franchise business and are having an in-store event this week, maybe you’ll be writing one or two blog posts about it and/or sharing images from the event, so you need to set up in advance how much time you’ll need in order to have it accomplished.

5. Check your Analytics

Analysing results from your social media marketing efforts is key to any social media strategy. You need to know what is working and what is not.

This is also very important so you can manage effectively your content.

Most of the social media analytic tools and stats will tell you which content is having more success i.e, more likes, shares, more interaction and driving more people to your website or making them take some action. And also, which content is being ignored.

This will help you identifying patterns so you can start delivering and sharing more the type of content your audience prefers and is getting more traction.

Over to you

Do you have your own content management tips you want to share with us? Use the comment section below and let us know!

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