5 Tips To Optimise Your Local Search Presence

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A good local search presence combines a mixture of on-site signals with well-optimised content and links from websites that can drive local traffic to you. Social media also plays a part in local search and when all these factors come together you’ll find you’ve got successful local presence.

Search engine optimisation is not just applicable to your website, you can and should optimise your entire web presence. Read our 5 tips on optimising your local search presence to its full potential.

1. Optimise For Mobile Users

Research is now showing that nearly half of all local searches are done on a mobile device. This is why it is essential to have a mobile friendly website if you want your business to claim these mobile visitors. Whether you go down the responsive website route or opt for a separate mobile site, you cannot afford to fall behind the competition in the mobile search rankings.

2. Produce Business Location Pages

If your ‘local’ business has more than one location, it is essential to optimise each location by creating separate pages. The content on these pages should contain all the relevant details about the store in that area including address, telephone numbers, contact details, opening times etc so each location can rank in the search results. Don’t forget the SEO basics and include the location/area in the URL, title tags, H1 headings and image alt tags.

3. Local Content Marketing

In addition to general website pages, blogging, new articles or infographics are all forms of content marketing. By optimising these, you can engage with your local audience through your blog or social media platforms and get natural links and local leads. By demonstrating your knowledge, background, customer service and values, you can build on your local reputation too.

4. Optimise Local Directories

Using SEO skills to optimise information in local directories can benefit you enormously and build strong local search rankings. This results in more potential customers calling, visiting and, of course, driving traffic via links to your website. Google My Business is another vital area that needs to be optimised to add to your local presence online.

5. Local Social Media Optimisation

By optimising your social media business profiles, you can also enhance your local search presence. Obviously ensure you include location/s, telephone numbers but also use keywords in your business description so visitors know exactly what you do and this information can be displayed in the search results. Even when posting on social media mix in some local hashtags as it all goes towards creating a local presence.

By covering all bases and optimising your local search presence across the web, you will see your site rank better and get the opportunity to convert more visitors. If you’ve got any further ideas we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or contact us for a chat.

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