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Many franchise businesses wanting to invest in social media struggle with having the necessary time to dedicate to it, especially if each franchisee is managing local social media profiles.

You need to invest time in your social media marketing as there is no denying that it can be time-consuming. Fortunately however, there are some great tools out there which can be a virtual life saver for the franchisee. In order to organise your social media efforts, the tools we will discuss enable you to utilise social media to its full potential without spending hours trawling pages on the internet.

Here are our top 5 social media tools specific to the franchise industry

1. VenueLabs

VenueLabs stands out as the leader in the franchise social media management industry. This online tool is suitable for franchise businesses that have multiple franchise locations and are in need of a social media management platform.

With this tool you can set up hundreds, or even thousands, of social media platforms on to one account – you can interact with multiple platforms and VenueLabs also allows you to have an insight in to & measure your engagement with your audience.

A key point of this tool is that it allows each location to set up custom, location-based searches on Twitter (soon to be on Facebook too). These are great for potential engagement as customers talking about industry keywords can create opportunities for each franchisee to reach out and offer a promotion. For example, if you run a hair and beauty salon franchise and someone from Birmingham tweets that they need a haircut, your Birmingham-based franchisee can send a Twitter message with a 20% discount for your salon.

2. AwarenessHub

 Awareness was built for large teams managing lots of content. It is the all-in-one dashboard for managing social media content and conversations.

With this tool you can publish any type of content in to many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, etc. You are also able to manage the comments and engagement from this tool.

3. Spredfast

Spredfast is a great tool for a franchise business. Within Spredfast you can set up “initiatives” and attach business objectives to them. You can add as many social media profiles you like and manage the content that is posted through them. You can add team members to the control panel so setting up different franchisees is very easy making this tool particularly franchise-friendly.

This tool offers a great reporting mechanism which reflects the business objectives you set.

4. Vitrue

Vitrue is a social media management tool that only focuses on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if these are the two social media channels that your business uses most often and you don’t want to overcomplicate your management, this can be a great tool.

It provides unique Twitter-integrated pages; the links you post drive fans to your more-than-140-character content, which is useful for promotions and other targeted call-to-action.

The Social Planner aspect of Vitrue allows you to add colleagues to your content management team, and the Vitrue service bills itself as specifically built for the franchise industry.

5. Expion

Expion is a tool built specifically with franchises and multiple locations in mind.

It is Twitter, Facebook and Google+ focused, with integration available for YouTube and Picasa for visual media. There is promise of more networks becoming available for management on their website however, so this is a tool to keep an eye on.

Expion’s franchise-management setup is very good with the Twitter and Facebook management tools being second to none. Franchisees can manage their social media updates with ease whilst using Expion, making schemes such as local promotions very manageable.

Expion allows for easy monitoring of multiple platforms and is very user-friendly, which is great for franchisees that are either new to social media or are not used to managing multiple accounts.

Is your franchise business using one of these tools or do you want to suggest another great tool for franchise management? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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