5 top Instagram Apps that engage customers

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Instagram is a great way for very visual businesses to share what they are doing and give followers an insight into how the business works. Sometimes though, you might need a little helping hand from third-party apps to help you get the most from this social network.


All these apps are available for iOS through the App Store.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Now that so many people are using Instagram, it’s easy for your images to get lost amongst all the others. Everyone is used to the filters and effects that the Instagram app gives you and this can really limit you as a business.

The Photo Editor app is a great way to add something new and exciting to your images. You get so many more features and filters than with the standard Instagram app.


Bokeh is the use of slightly out-of-focus points of light that can give a photo beauty and mystery. If you haven’t been able to capture this in the original photos, the Bokehful app allows you to imitate the effect. This leads to really beautiful images that make followers stop and take notice.


This is a great app for anyone who is looking to add text to their images. Whether you want to add your web address, a copyright notice or a hashtag, this is the app for you.

It’s a brilliant way to make your images work harder. Not everyone reads the comments on an image but if there’s text as part of that picture, it’s more likely to stand out and get read.


Sometimes it’s necessary to have a few images in one. This might be from your latest event, a collection of products or some workshop pictures. Doing this gives followers a wider insight into your business. It’s also useful if you want to post multiple pictures but don’t want to clog up follower feeds.

PicFrame is the best app for creating these sorts of collages and there are a number of settings to help you get your images into the right layout.


If you show images of customers or employees in your Instagram photos, consider Facetune. It’s a great app that allows you to edit photos of people. You can retouch skin imperfections, whiten teeth and make sure everyone is looking their best.

Are you already taking advantage of these Apps? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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