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While most of the online marketing community is familiar with Google’s popular AdWords platform, many are not utilising Facebook’s advertising platform to it’s potential. Launched in late 2007, Facebook Ads offers unparalleled targeting options for advertising to it’s 1.79 billion monthly active user base[1]. You can target by age, gender, profession, children’s age, interests and even by house size! All of these options can be used to create a highly detailed picture of your target audience.

Whilst Google AdWords is excellent for directing people who are intentionally searching for your product or service to your site, Facebook Ads is a great choice for spreading awareness to people who may not even know that your product or service exists, or promoting deals or offers. But getting used to this platform can be daunting. So we decided to put together 6 of our top tips for advertising on Facebook.

Let’s take a look:

Facebook Ads Goals

#1 Set Goals

The first thing the Facebook Ads platform will ask when setting up a new campaign is what is your goal? If you’re looking at advertising on Facebook you should already have a good idea of what you want to achieve by marketing online. If not, then the options you’re given at this point will give you a good idea as to what people are using Facebook Ads for currently.

Make sure your selected goal is in-line with your business objectives.

#2 Know Your Audience and Target Them

Facebook’s extremely detailed audience targeting options can be overwhelming. Unless you go in with an exact image of who you are targeting down to the smallest detail you can think of, you may struggle and hit a wall. With Facebook ad’s targeting you could set up something like the follow:

Let’s say you want to target Female University students who live in Cambridge, UK, aged 20-30 who enjoy reading romance novels. This would look something like the following:

Facebook Ads Targeting

As you can see, we have basic targeting set up to target people in the location ‘Cambridge, England’, Aged ’20-30′ who are ‘Women’. In the detailed targeting section, we’ve selected our audience’s education level to be ‘At university’ and must also be interested in reading ‘Romance novels’.

This example gives you a basic idea of what you can do with Facebook Ad’s targeting options. Once you start experimenting, you’ll discover the incredible detail you can go into.

#3 20% Text or Less

Over time Facebook has become a more visual platform, and their ad policies reflect this: When you create an advert for Facebook, if it’s image-scanning algorithm detects that 20% or more of it is text it will be automatically rejected. So, before you upload an image to use for your ad try to display minimal text. For more information on this policy see their official guide.

#4 Set Up Multiple Ads

Just as with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads works best with multiple ads per ad group. This way Facebook can test each ad and see which one leads to the most interaction/conversions. Try to keep the message in line with the goal of the campaign/ad group, but change 1 thing per ad (such as the background image or text).

#5 Track Everything

To help attribute your successes in Google Analytics, be sure to add tracking to each Facebook ad you create using Google’s URL Builder. These will then show up under Aquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns.

Once these ads have been running for a little while you should have some data to play with, which leads us onto our next tip…

#6 Analyse & Optimise!

One of the most important practices in digital marketing is constant analysis and optimisation. Once you have some data from your campaigns & ad groups, relate this back to your goal and ask yourself “how can I improve these numbers?”.

If you see in Google Analytics that you’ve gained £100 in sales from Facebook ads but spent £120 to gain these sales, you can experiment with new ads, targeting or landing page experience to help improve your ROI. If you constantly revise these numbers and optimise your campaigns, you will be on the way to creating Facebook ads that prove to be a valuable marketing effort.


1 – https://www.statista.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide/

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