5 Tips On Connecting With Industry Influencers On Twitter

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new_twitter_logoTwitter is one of the most known and fast-growing social media networks so no wonder that so many businesses are using Twitter for their social media marketing.

One of the reasons to include Twitter in your social media strategy is that it provides a wonderful opportunity for businesses of any kind to identify and connect with industry influencers, develop and nurture a relationship with them, which is something can be really valuable and bring many benefits.

Partnering with industry leaders has long been a successful marketing strategy, and even the smallest of small businesses can use it to gain reach and increase trust.

So after you identify your industry influencers, here are 5 top tips on how to connect with them:

1.      Create an Influencers List

On your Twitter page you can create public and private lists. It’s a good idea to create an Influencers list (public or private you decide) to group all the influencers on your industry. So when you follow a new influencer, you just add them to this list and review their twitter to see who they are and what they’re talking about.

This makes your life so much easier when you want to contact them or retweet their content.

2.      Research them outside Twitter

It’s a good idea to research about a specific influencer outside Twitter, on their website, blog, Google or other social media networks. This way you might know a bit more about them and have more information in order to start and engage in a casual conversation on Twitter.

You can for example find out they’re going to be a speaker at a future conference on the same location you live, so that’s a good starting point to a conversation on Twitter.

3.      Mention, comment and retweet them

If you want to get noticed and connect with your industry influencers, you need to retweet their content and engage in conversations with them, either by responding to their tweets or @mention them, for example asking them a question.

Make sure though you don’t go overboard in doing this. Only retweet or comment when it’s something really relevant and valuable.

4.      Share valuable content

Social media is all about sharing valuable content and you should also be doing that as part of your social media strategy.

Sharing valuable content is not only important to grab the attention of your audience but also to grab the attention of industry influencers. If they find your content really relevant they might notice, retweet or mention you which can be the beginning of a good relationship.

5.      Write a blog post

Having a blog on your website and write regularly is a great marketing strategy. But you can use your blog to help you connect with your influencers. Take a look at what they’re saying on Twitter, if for example they are asking a specific question or commenting on a hot industry trend. That can give you a great idea to write a blog post.

After you write that blog post come back to that specific tweet and respond to them or either @mention them with a link to your post. This is a great way for you to get their attention for a timely topic, to visit your website, and if you provide real value in your blog post- they can even comment or share it.

What other strategies are you using to connect with your industry influencers? Share with us in the comment section below.

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