5 Tips On How To Write Content For Your Franchisees

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It is indeed a wonderful opportunity for a franchise business that has several different stores in different locations, to use social media to connect with their local customers.

Some franchise businesses have a centralised department that deals with all the social media marketing or work with an external social media agency for that effect. Other businesses prefer to have each franchisee dealing with their own social media marketing separately since they know their own local audiences much better.

For these last businesses, social media is a great strategy but also one that can take up a lot of their time, especially when it comes to writing content and updates for Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Precious time they just don’t have!

That’s why at SocialB we compiled the 5 top tips on how to write content to save time for franchisees:

1. Have an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is basically a calendar where you add important events, themes and pieces of content that you feel makes sense to write at certain times of the year.

For example, you might have a new product in September, a store event in October, a promotion in November and Christmas in December. You can use the editorial calendar to add pieces of content related to those events that you’ll want to deliver at that time.

This way you’ll have an editorial calendar for 6 months or even 1 year that makes sense for your sales and marketing goals and help you tremendously each week when deciding what you should write about!

2. Curate content

Apart from creating your own original and valuable content, you can and should also curate content from other relevant sources.

Curating content is basically searching and sharing other people’s content on your social media profiles.

This is an extremely easy way to always have new and fresh content to share with your followers but also a great way to show that you’re connected to great sources from your industry and also a great way to network and get more followers! After all, social media is all about sharing great content!

3. Use your business blog

Having a business blog can help your marketing tremendously in so many ways. And the great thing about having a blog is that a blog post never dies.

Even if it was written 6 months ago, it still can attract potential customers, especially if it has been properly optimized regarding SEO.

So when writing content for your social media marketing, why not using old blog posts? You can either promote them again on your social media pages or write an update.

For example, if you wrote the post “Top 10 interior design trends of 2013” that was a huge hit, why not writing an update with the same theme but for 2014?

Old blog posts can give you great ideas for writing new content and for writing updates!

4. Every time you have an idea, write it down!

You might think that you’re so busy driving your franchise business forward that you don’t have time to sit down and write content.

Well, then you should start becoming more aware of all the great ideas that come to your mind during the day.

Maybe a customer might give you a great hint during a casual conversation at the store, or a complain about a product makes you think about how your customers need more advice, or just something that you hear in the news might give you a good idea for a blog post.

Stay tuned and aware in order to recognize these amazing opportunities to create more content and write down those ideas when they come to your mind, even if it’s just a single line.

That way you won’t be next time seating on your desk thinking about what to write about because you already have great ideas!

5. Have great tools to help you

There are many content search tools available online like buzzsumo or topsy where you can easily find content by topic or industry.

This is a great way to find relevant content to share or know about industry trends and give you ideas for content to write. You can even choose an article about a hot industry trend and re-write it giving your own perspective

So instead of doing many searches on social media networks and get lost amongst so many different pieces of content, using these tools can save you precious time in easily finding that content for you.

Over to you

Do you have your own great tips for writing content? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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