5 Top Tips to Prepare your E-commerce Website for Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest online shopping events in the calendar (This year it is on Monday 1st December 2014). Last year saw over £450 million in sales (UK) in a single day with Amazon reporting a staggering 47 sales per second. With Cyber Monday just around the corner now is the time you need to be planning and preparing for the busiest online shopping day of 2014.

1. Prepare your cyber Monday promotional plan in advance (preferably yesterday).

With only four weeks to go until Cyber Monday 2014 you need to decide what you’re going to promote and what promotion you are running should be first on the list. We all know your customers love a bargain but there needs to be a balance between giving too much away and not enticing the customer enough to actually make a purchase. You need to decide whether to offer:
– A site wide % off all orders
– Free delivery over a certain spend or on all orders
– % off particular categories
– % off certain products throughout the day

Buyers and the online merchandising team should work together to make this decision ensuring that the sale maximises profits and provides value to the customer. It can be a difficult task to please both parties.

2. Let People Know About Your Promotion

There are 4 key channels that you should use to promote your Cyber Monday offers.

a. Your Website
This is where all of your customers will be visiting and hopefully purchasing. Big banners with your cyber Monday offer on the homepage and a constant reminder across the website will ensure your customers know that there is an offer live.
b. Your Social Media Channels
The quickest and easiest way to tell your existing fans and customers about your offer is via your social channels. As Cyber Monday has grown in the UK over the past few years your customers will be watching their timelines and feeds on social media waiting to see what offers and discounts brands will have available. Update your profile headers and pin an image to the top of the feed so everyone who visits your profiles will see the offer. Use image based posts to capture people’s attention and stand out from the vast array of text based posts that will appear in users news feeds.
c. Your Email Database
You should already have a substantial email database from your existing customers so send out a targeted email to your database telling them about your offer. Short, simple and to the point this email should explain everything the customer needs to know in as few words as possible. Snappy subject line, eye-catching image in the body of the email and link though to a relevant page on your website is all that is needed.
d. Paid Search Ads
Prepare a one day search network campaign to display ads on your brand terms. This will enable you to serve an ad with strong and clear messaging to your customers who search for you using your brand terms. Even if you don’t currently have a live PPC campaign the small investment in a one-day campaign can give you an increase sales via an extra channel.

3. Be There on Cyber Monday

Make sure your team are monitoring all of your active social media channels and engage with everyone who messages you directly and engage in conversations about your brand where relevant. Customers who contact brands via social media are looking for a response in a timely manner (less than 1 hour response time is expected), so make sure your team are prepared in advance to cope with an increase in contact from your customers.

4. Be Ready!

Prepare all artwork and banners by Friday 28th November at the latest. You should be ready to launch your promotion first thing on Monday morning and ensure that all of your channels promote Cyber Monday at the same time. Get into the office early and ensure everything is ready to go for an 8-9am start time. Your customers will be online on their smartphones and tablets before they start their commutes to work so make sure you catch that early worm!

5. Make Sure Points 1-4 Happen

The previous 4 tips aren’t designed to be a pick and mix of marketing tactics. To get the most out of the Cyber Monday it is important to reach as many existing and potential customers as possible. Your customers can be reached through a variety of channels – some will be on Instagram, some you can reach via email, others will be searching for your brand and others may visit your site via a bookmark. There is of course a fine line between letting your customers know about your sale and spamming your customers. Plan your posts in advance and make sure you mix conversational posts alongside promotional posts.


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