5 Twitter Lists You Should Have In Place

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It is an alarming realisation that Twitter is rapidly approaching its tenth birthday. With the organic nature of this platform, combined with the number of years we have been users of this medium, it is really common for many of us to have huge numbers of people and businesses who we follow. This means our Twitter feeds can sometimes become clogged with tweets that are interesting but may not be relevant for our day-to-day business requirements, often meaning you miss the important information. So how to overcome this problem? SocialB has compiled 5 types of Twitter lists you should have in place.

Curate your own lists from scratch, make them public or private, share them or keep them under wraps – whichever you choose, make the most of the wealth of information you can glean from them! Here are our top 5 types of Twitter lists you should have on your business page:

  • Customers

Creating an online narrative between your customers outside of your shopfront (whether an online store, or a physical shop) can increase trust in your brand and make customers feel an even greater part of your business. Encourage them to communicate with you, and keep an eye on this list to see what they are talking about, and see if you can solve any of their requests. Think creatively on how to engage these people, and interact with their tweets in return.

  • Competitors

In all aspects of business whether online or offline, you will be prompted time and time again to have an understanding of what your competitors are doing. Which of their tweets garner the most responses? Which products or services are they offering? Learn from their successes and mistakes.

  • Local Businesses

This list is quite a nice one to open up to those featured on it, to be used as a forum for local business owners. Work together to build up your local or online community, share advice and organise networking “tweet-ups”.

  • Inspirational List

We all have those days which draw a blank – create a private list of Tweeters who make you smile, motivate you or even who are just fun to talk to. They may be colleagues, spoof accounts, bloggers or friends, but the things that they tweet should provide you with fodder to create your own online content, spur you on to start work on a new project or provide some respite from the everyday workload.

  • Influential Bloggers, Journalists and PRs

Keep your finger on the pulse of industry influencers – this can be a private list that is used solely for information. A daily check of of this filter may result in some worthy coverage, many use Twitter as a platform for scouting for “case studies” and if you respond quickly enough you may be lucky enough to be featured in their blog post or feature.

Our best advice here at SocialB is to just get stuck in! Have a play, curate and recreate, find out which lists work best for you. Comment below, or tweet us for some more helpful hints.

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