5 ways a franchise owner could use social media

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7650804342_9715bb425f_bIf you’re a franchise owner chances are that you are either already using social media as part of your marketing strategy, or seriously considering it.

Social media has amazing benefits for a franchise business in any industry because it connects you directly with your current and potential customers, helping you reach a wider audience and develop long lasting relationships.

Here are 5 fantastic ways a franchise owner could use social media:

1. For location purposes

Most franchise businesses have brick-and-mortar shops in different locations.

You can use social media to your advantage in order to connect with specific people (potential customers) in those particular locations, either by having separate social media accounts for each location or by adding location keywords to your social media updates.

You can also do searches by location on social networks like Twitter and find people that are based on those locations, or use social media pay advertising to run geo-target adverts.

The key is to deliver key content that makes sense and is specific to each location, so you reach and attract your desired audience.

2. To share exclusive deals and promotions

People love having access to exclusive deals and promotions. This has been working for decades on traditional marketing and is also working successfully on social media.

Offer exclusive deals and promotions online to your social media followers, like coupons, vouchers, discounts, “2 for1” deals, etc.

This not only will make your followers feel special because they have access to deals and promotions that are exclusive for them for following your page, but also will be a magnet to attract new customers.

3. To add value to their audience

No question that you’re using social media to promote and market your franchise business. But, if you want to be successful, you need to make it about your customers.

This means that all content that you create and share on social media must have real value to your followers.

The type of content you share depends on your type of audience (blog posts, videos, images, links to other articles, etc) but it should always be relevant and add value to your audience.

This is the way that you attract and maintain your followers, build your reputation and engage them.

4. To be transparent

In social media people love to interact and engage with… people.

This means that even if you’re a brand, you need to show your human side and your “behind-the-scenes” to your audience. Being transparent is a key part of doing this and businesses that follow it are the most successful in social media.

The way to achieve this is by creating and engaging in real conversations with people, by being honest about your brand and your business, and by showing who you are. You can even tell employee names, show images of your offices or different shops, how your service or products are created.

Show people who you truly are so they can relate and connect with you.

5. Listen to your customers

Listening to the conversations taking place in social media networks is an amazing opportunity for any franchise business that wishes to improve their services and drive their business forward.

This means not only listening to the conversations taking place in your company pages – what questions are your followers asking, what they complain about, etc, but also doing searches based on your products/services/industry to find relevant conversations taking place.

By listening to those conversations you can gain valuable insights about trendy issues, problems, and opportunities. It can even help you adjust your marketing strategy.

And of course, you can always jump in and engage in those conversations yourself!

Over to you

Are you a franchise owner using social media? Share your experience with us in the comment section below or ask us any question you might have and we’ll gladly respond to you!

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