5 ways Associations can improve their social media content

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7650804342_9715bb425f_bOne of the key things to do in order to have a successful social media strategy is to deliver interesting and valuable content on a consistent basis.

That is what will attract new followers and engage them, wanting to come back for more.

This is especially true for Associations, where educating and informing members on many topics they’re interested in is a top priority.

So how can you as an Association improve your social media content and take it to the next level?

Here are 5 great ways to do it: 

1. Research and write about trendy topics

Being on top of what is happening in your industry is a key priority.

As an Association you need to know what is new, what are the hot topics, issues, etc.

Using Google and social media networks are a great way to have that information by performing daily or weekly searches based on specific keywords that are relevant to your industry.

But knowing what is trendy is not enough. You should use that information to your advantage, like writing a blog post giving your opinion about a specific topic, or even creating a tutorial, a webinar or a whitepaper on that, and then using social media to share the content you created.

Not only this will create great value to your audience, but it will help you show up on their searches and also creating you a great reputation and awareness.

2. Curate content from sites with a great reputation

Whilst creating your own original content is key, curating content from other sources is also important.

In each industry there are many influencers, magazines, newspapers, bloggers, etc, that actively use social media to share their news and stories.

By sharing their content you not only bring great value to your social media accounts but you also show that you’re keeping yourself connected with these influencers and on top of your industry.

Other bonus is that you can create awareness for yourself and start forming strong relationships with those influencers that can help sharing your own valuable and original content.

3. Look at what your competitors are doing

Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is also a good idea to improve your own content.

Check what they are doing that are great in terms of original content, but also check what they are not doing or missing, which can give you fantastic ideas to fill a gap that your audience will sure appreciate.

4. Look at your Analytics

We’ve said it before and will say it again: checking your analytics is imperative if you want to know if your social media strategy is working and you’re getting the results you want.

Regarding content, looking at your analytics can tell you which pieces of content people are liking, sharing and engaging more (or less).

Does your audience prefer whitepapers or blog posts? Do they prefer images or videos? News or questions?

Based on that you can then revise your content strategy and deliver more of their favourite type of content and less of what’s not working that good.

5. Have your own “tone of voice”

I order to have a great content strategy that sets you up apart from your competitors, it is key that you have your own “tone of voice”.

This means that whilst you need to adjust your content to the different social media networks and their nature, you need to be yourself and consistent across all of them.

Some companies use a more friendly tone of voice, others a more humouristic one, others even invent their own words! Create your own that appeals to your audience and sets you apart.


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