5 Ways Golf Clubs Could Be Seeing Social Media Success

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golfing-78257_640Social Media has changed the way that businesses communicate to their customers.

Whilst this is true for every industry, we’ve been seeing a tremendous marketing revolution in the sports sector, through social media.

Golf clubs, in particular, have been starting to use social media effectively as part of their overall marketing strategy due to the amazing benefits it can bring them.

Here are 5 ways golf clubs of any size could see social media adding to their bottom line:

1. Retaining current members

Social media is a great venue for customer service and for retaining current members. How do you do this? By delivering great content to them.

It’s important to know your members, what they like and want from your golf club. You can use this to your advantage by delivering content about golf events, competitions, weather conditions, responding to their questions and comments, videos, images, etc.

Finding out what they want and delivering it to them will help with keeping your members engaged with your golf club and making their membership to last a lifetime.

2. Attracting more members

Not only does social media help in engaging and retaining your current members, it will also help you create awareness for your golf club and attracting more members.

By delivering great content you increase your chances that the content is shared with other golfers, opening avenues to gain new members.

Besides delivering great content and engaging in conversations, there’s also the possibility of advertising on social media and reaching a wider audience, with costs much lower than traditional forms of advertising.

3. Reach younger members

Despite the fact that golfers of all ages are quite active on social media, a key part of the bigger audience you can reach through social media includes younger golfers.

Although younger golfers can seem harder to reach through traditional advertising avenues, by using social media and actively listening to their conversations, you can get a very good understanding of what they look for regarding a golf club, and from golf in general, and then tailor a marketing strategy to specifically reach them on social media.

By knowing what makes them “tick”, you can create content and strategies that successfully appeal to younger golfers and turn them into potential members.

4. More visits to your club

Your content should actively encourage participation, for example asking your followers questions, creating online competitions around golf, sharing stunning images or videos that makes people share and comment.

This participation not only will make your members engage more and stay with your club, but will also make them come back more often to your club to play golf and use your other facilities too.

Your golf club will stay at the forefront of their minds, they’ll feel more connected and will visit your club more frequently, which will, in turn, drive additional revenue.

5. Increase relationships between members

Your social media strategy should both enhance retention and attracting new members, and encourage strong relationships between existing members.

Over 60% of members join clubs for social reasons, we all know that a golf club is a place not only to play golf but to socialize as well, for leisure and, sometimes, for business reasons.

By bringing that social side of your club into your social media presence, you’ll be encouraging members to form relationships that will go beyond social media.

This in turn will help to retain members, gain new ones and in keeping them visiting your golf club more often.

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