5 Ways Golf Clubs Should Be Using Social Media

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golfing-78257_640The golf industry has seen a real shift in attitude towards social media and the need to have a strategic plan in place is crucial. From communicating to existing members through to promoting your club to new members, social media has the potential to give your club a greater presence in the online marketplace. Read our top 5 tips on how golf clubs should be using social media going into 2015.

Communicate With Your Members

This is the primary reason that golf clubs should be utilising social media. Golf club members are a social bunch and enjoy the social aspect of the game equally as much as the sporting challenge. Engaging with your members through Facebook, Twitter and sharing photo updates through Instagram is a fantastic way to keep your members in touch with the club.

Facebook could be utilised to promote upcoming events encouraging members to make a note in their diaries.

Twitter can be used to push real-time updates about the course, forecasts for the day, the days pin positions and anything else that could be useful to a member or visitor who is considering playing golf that day.

Instagram has grown incredibly in 2014 with over 200 million active monthly users. The photo and short video sharing platform is perfect for showing followers what the course is looking like in real time. Short videos can be posted also which could be used for golf tips, weather updates, members playing golf and much more.

Provide Useful Tips and Videos

Golf can be a frustrating game at time for players of all abilities so utilise your golf pro and shoot some short and simple golf tips. How to get out of a bunker first time, how to hold your putter when putting and how to stop slicing your irons are all great videos that golfers love to watch and engage with. If your golf pro is coaching golfers all day, share some of that knowledge online via social media.

Interact with your members

One of the key elements to a successful social media strategy is to dedicate time and resources to communicate with members and potential customers. Today’s modern social media user expects to receive a reply from a brand or business and typically within an hour of them posting their message. If someone tweets your golf club asking if the course is open today they will be expecting a very prompt reply. The reason for the enquiry is so that they can make an informed decision as to whether they should make a trip to your golf course. Is it shut due to a competition, is the course unplayable due to bad weather? Keep your customers informed and they will continue to be loyal to you and your course.

Gain new visitors and members through targeted ads

Through Facebook advertising and Twitter ads clubs and promote their memberships and visitor rates to highly targeted users. Facebook ads allow you to deeply segment your audience. For example you could choose to show your ads to Men aged 25-45, who have listed golf as hobby in their profiles and who live within 10km of your golf club. This level of segmentation typically drives higher conversion rates because the audience is so highly targeted. Imagine a 48 hour-flash sale offering 50% off visitor fees this weekend only – the casual golfer would be very likely to take this offer.

Showcase Everything the Club Has To Offer

Sometimes it can feel like you have nothing to talk about on social media when it comes to your golf club. What and when to post content are two of the most common issues we come across. Luckily for golf clubs there is so much to talk about we think you would have a tough job not to send out tweets every day. In a typical week at your club you could post:

  • Instagram pictures of how the course is looking from the first tee
  • Tweet the latest news from a professional golf event on the PGA tour
  • Film a short video lesson with your golf pro
  • Talk about the latest golf clubs being released by the golf brands
  • Write a blog on the top 5 tips for winter golf play
  • Post your members only tournament dates on Facebook
  • Promote a discount offer available on Facebook that members can redeem in the pro shop
  • Tweet available member tee times on a busy weekend
  • Write a review on a golf app available on a smartphone

10 years ago, the majority of those posts would have been seen via traditional media methods costing several hundred pounds. Nowadays this can all be achieved with little to no expense as well as reaching greater numbers of your target audience.

Golfers are incredibly social and with the rise of modern technology they are becoming even more connected through social media, websites and smartphone apps. Don’t sit back and wait for the conversation about your golf club to happen – make sure you start and continue the conversation.

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