5 Ways Instagram’s New Tools For Brands Will Benefit Your Business

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Last week, Instagram announced that they had reached 500 million users with over 300 million using Instagram every day.

It’s not surprising that more and more businesses are using Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy and Instagram has responded with the introduction of business tools. Rollout is gradual with US, Australia and New Zealand first, so the UK businesses will have to wait a little while longer, but how will they new tools benefit your business?

1. Stand out as a brand

At the most basic level the new business tools will make your business Instagram look more like a business account. With the slightly different look to your account, including a business category which will help identify what you do, users will be able to recognise you as a business and brand straight away.

Instagram Business Tools 1

2. Easier contact

Following and interacting with businesses on Instagram has always been easy but actually making contact with a business relies on you including your contact details in your bio or you spotting a customer’s message in the comments and these can be easy to miss, particularly on more popular posts.

With the new business profiles the contact button makes it much easier for your customers to make contact with you. Click on the contact button and they will be given the option to call, text or email. For businesses where location is relevant, i.e. a bricks and mortar store, there is also an option for directions. These new tools will definitely make it easier for your customers to contact you and all from within Instagram on their mobile phones.

3. Understand your audience

Most businesses have an idea of who their audience are but with the new Instagram business tools you should be able to learn and understand so that you know who they are. One of the features of the new tools is the ability to track new follows right down to an hourly basis.

Instagram Business Tools 2Instagram Business Tools 3

This will not only give you an idea of what posts are working for you but if you look for patterns it will also reveal when your audience are on Instagram and more likely to engage with you. This information should be built into your content calendar so you know the optimum time to share your images and posts.

Other demographics like age, gender and location will help you to build a more accurate picture of your existing audience which will help you to attract more of the same to add them to your following.

4. Improve your content

Post analytics is a vital tool in understanding what content does or doesn’t work for your business. The new tools will give you the information you need to really break down your content so that you can see which images and posts are and aren’t encouraging your followers to share, like and comment.

With analytics on your top posts, your reach, impressions and engagement you can be more analytical in how you create content that your audience will react to and to improve your engagement. An engaged audience is much more likely to use you, recommend you and stay loyal to your business and the new tools will let you create content for your audience in a more structured way.

5. Respond quickly to set up promotions and adverts

Instagram Business Tools 4The introduction of Mobile ad creation as part of the new tools will let you turn your well performing posts into adverts from within Instagram quickly. You will be able to pick a post and add a call to option button to encourage your customers to take the action you want them to. Choose between selecting a target audience or using Instagram suggested targeting based on your budget and audience.

The options aren’t as comprehensive as Facebook’s tools for Instagram like Ads Manager and Power Editor but it will give you a quick way to promote on the move. If a post is working you will be able to quickly target potential new followers – if it works for your existing audience it is likely to work with others who are similar so you can react quickly and easily to make the most of it without being tied to your desktop.

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