5 Ways Healthcare Could Use Social For Customer Service

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7650804342_9715bb425f_bIn this social media era, it is not enough for any healthcare business to only have online customer service on the website or email. You need a bigger online presence, to be on the social media channels where your audience is, and delivering an excellent customer service in there.

Healthcare businesses have their clients posting and commenting or asking questions about their services and products on social media, or just about the industry in general.

Therefore, you should have a strategy to address it successfully and taking advantage of that 

Here are 5 ways the healthcare industry could be using social media for customer service:

1. To respond promptly to questions

While social media should not (and legally cannot) be used to discuss any personal patient matters, it’s a great way to answer general health questions your customers or potential customers might do on social media.

These can be questions sent directly to you on your company pages or just general industry questions related to products or services on your niche

Depending on the questions, you can either respond directly to them or add a link to related resources on your website. Either way, quick and valuable responses are very impressive and will definitely earn you bonus points!

2. To deal with complaints in an effective way

Many healthcare businesses are afraid of having customer complaints on social media. But the truth is, more important than having complaints from customers, it’s how you deal with it.

Remember, you’re not only responding to the person who is complaining, but to many other current and potential customers that are reading the posts.

So whatever the nature of the complaint, or if the customer is right or wrong, you should always address the complaint in a prompt and professional way. Even if you cannot solve the issue immediately, giving a response shows you care about your customers and you have an excellent customer service.

Make sure you monitor your social media pages regularly so you can quickly spot concerning issues and complaints.

3. To deliver valuable content

Social media is all about delivering valuable content to your audience and this is also part of an excellent customer service.

By providing content on your social media channels that respond t your audience’s questions and concerns about your business, your services or products, and also about industry trends and news, you’re showing that you know and care about your customers and are providing them a good service of delivering relevant and valuable information.

4. Be proactive

You don’t have to wait to have questions or complains in order to provide a good customer service. You can be proactive and create ways of interacting with your customers and get them to ask questions and show you care.

Many healthcare businesses started having weekly Twitter chats with Q&A sessions that serve doctors sharing tips with one another, patients and caregivers asking questions to doctors, and patients supporting each other.

You can also create a Facebook or LinkedIn group for that effect or even a discussion forum on your website.

5. To improve your service

“When I was at the clinic yesterday, I tweeted about the interminable wait. It seemed as though people who weren’t that sick got whisked in ahead of me! Guess what? Someone from the clinic heard me! They spotted my tweet and responded. And even sent someone down to talk to me in person.”

This testimonial from a healthcare business shows exactly what a good customer service can be online and how businesses can use customer’s social media questions and complains to improve their service.

Customers can give you valuable information online about your products and services that you cannot get from anywhere else. Take advantage of that in order to improve your business.

By providing an excellent customer service on Twitter, you also are retaining, engaging and acquiring new clients. And you can also gain brand ambassadors, followers that most share your content, identify with your brand and are happy to help you drive your business forward.

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