5 Ways To Engage Your Online Community This Mother’s Day

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Engage with your online community on Mother's DaySunday is Mother’s Day and not only does it give you the perfect opportunity to spoil your mum but also to engage your online community.

Here’s a few ways you can best engage with mothers and the people who care about their mums.

1. Post a Photo of Your Mum

It’s a given that people love photos and they love sharing their special moments with their loved ones on social media, so lead the way and post a photo of your own mother. Then engage with your audience by asking them to post a favourite pic of their mum.

You don’t have to limit this to just your own mum, but can widen the criteria to include other important and inspiring mothers in our lives, this could be a sister, wife, aunt, friend or co-worker.

2. Mother’s Day Contests & Giveaways

Mothers Day 2016These are an uncomplicated and fun way to engage any online community, and increase your followers and interactions at the same time. You can also include daughters in on the fun, Kaleidoscope have come up with a way to spoil mother and daughter in their Mother’s Day giveaway, and to enter you just have to Retweet, Follow and Say why you love your mum.

3. #MothersDay2016 Hashtags

Don’t forget to include hashtags in your posts, along with the top trending #MothersDay hashtag, you can also invent your own to create a buzz around your brand and include this in all your posts. Try piggy backing on other hashtags such a #winitwednesday and combine this with a Mothers Day offer.

4. Promote Mothers Day Gifts

If your business products or services are appropriate for mums then make sure your online marketing incorporates these. Creating a page on your website for Mothers Day gives you a way to showcase how you can make a difference to mothers everywhere. Even if what you sell is not the usual gifts you immediately think of when buying for mum, not everyone wants flowers and chocolates.

5. Use all your Social Media Networks

Each social media network has its strengths and an occasion like Mother’s Day lets you utilise these differences. Start a Pinterest board for all things Mother’s Day and pin photos of creative Mother’s Day gifts, inspirational quotes, photos of mums or even Mother’s Day recipes ideas, the possibilities are endless! Make sure you promote the board on all your other social media accounts.

There may only be a few days until Mother’s Day but it’s never too late to engage your fans, followers and online community. The marketing opportunity you get this Mother’s Day will stretch past Mothering Sunday and can keep your visitors coming back.

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