5 Ways To Get More From Video Marketing

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Get more from video marketing - SocialB Training BlogVideo marketing is playing a key role in digital marketing strategies and is proving to be a valuable tool for creating memorable content to capture users attention.

Whether you want to deliver a brand message, promote your products or share your knowledge of your industry, there’s a lot your can do with videos today. Here 5 ways to get more from your video marketing.

1. Make good quality videos

Video production is no longer something which necessarily needs to be outsourced to specialist companies. Advances in technology have meant that it’s now increasingly less expensive to produce video content. This also means that video is not just for large corporate companies with big budgets, but smaller businesses can produce produce high quality videos with good content.

2. Get the right video length

This somewhat depends on the type of video content you are producing, but research shows that you have 10 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention as 20% of users will click away in 10 seconds or less. Furthermore, by the 2 minute mark, you can expect to see 60% of users clicking away.

3. Produce engaging content

As with all online marketing, you need to grab users attention with engaging content which serves a real purpose. Your video content needs to provide new or useful information and help solve problems. Think about featuring product demos, tips and how to’s, customer testimonials or Q&A’s.

4. SEO your videos

After you’ve spent your time creating a great video, make the most of it by optimising it for users and the search engines. This will help deliver traffic from your video over a longer period. Many of the same SEO rules for written content apply when optimising video in order to generate traffic from the search engines and social networks, including:

  • Creating catchy titles
  • Provide descriptions on sites such as YouTube when sharing video
  • Use tags to label your video
  • Allow embedding to make it easy for users to share and embed your videos
  • Use targeted keywords in titles, tags and descriptions
  • Make videos user friendly which are easy to share
  • Host your videos on your own site too

5. Where to post your videos

For video content, a YouTube channel offers an effective launch pad, which should follow your company branding and so is easily recognised. YouTube also offers video analytics in order to monitor your video marketing efforts so you can gain insight into what is working and improve as necessary. The other social media network that works well for video content is Facebook, which you can upload directly to rather than publishing to YouTube and sharing the links on Facebook.

Video marketing is undoubtedly set to grow and develop, an example being the introduction of 360 degree videos on Facebook. If video marketing has made a difference to your business let us know in the comments below or if you want to expand your content marketing efforts in 2016 to include video but need some help on how to move forward, contact our team for some further useful tips.

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