5 ways to get your post more views on facebook

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shutterstock_100288616Posts take time. The trick is in ensuring that the time is rewarded by lots of views and click-throughs. Once you’ve cracked the art of updating and posting your ramblings online, all there is left to do is to hope people read it! Yes, yes we’ve all been there, checking Google analytics daily to see how many unique visitors have viewed our page and from which sources. Here at SocialB we are bursting at the seams with helpful hints and tips on how to get your post the exposure it deserves, so today we bring you our blog entitled “5 ways to get your post more views on Facebook”.

As always, this list isn’t exhaustive, but implement these five easy steps and you should enjoy an increased number of readers. Consequentially you should see an increased trust in your brand and over time an increased number of sales.

SocialB’s 5 ways to get your post more views on Facebook:

1. Join Facebook!

If you’re not yet part of Facebook, you should be. Use your email address and get connected!

2. Just ask.

As the old adage states: “If you don’t ask you don’t get”. Post your update onto your Facebook personal page with a small but catchy blurb and ask your friends to share it – if they like it enough, they will. The average number of Facebook friends an adult user has is 338 – think of the exposure!

3. Mention people or businesses with large followings on Facebook.

Write a lifestyle post with a title such as “My top ten favourite Instagrammers” and include those who not only post high-quality images, but also those who have a large numbers of followers. Chances are they will share your post on their pages, as they will be flattered to have been mentioned. The bonus for you – you are exposed to their followers who usually will have similar interests to you and your business.

4. Use the “Promote Page” tool

For a small fee, Facebook will expose your Business Page to potential followers. By choosing the location, age and gender of your preferred followers, Facebook can increase your page by 5-110 followers per day. New ‘likers’ will be naturally inquisitive, and if you coincide your promotion with your post, your new followers will be sure to have a read.

5. Use the “pin to top” function

Publish your post on your Facebook page, click on the small arrow in the top right hand corner of the post and choose “pin to top”. A small orange flag will appear in its place meaning that your update will remain at the top of your page for seven days before dropping back to its original place on your timeline. This means that your important post will retain priority for the week after publishing.

We hope you have lots of fun putting these tips into practice – and wish you heaps of success! If you find that you need any more information, or want to share your success stories, comment in the box below. We love hearing from you!

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