5 ways to make the most of your old social media content

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coffee-plant-laptop blog imgShould you re-post or re-share old content in your social media channels? The answer is yes.

However, you want to be very strategic about it and not use all your past content.

Read on for our 5 tips to help you to make the most of your old social media content.

1. Use your Evergreen content

What is evergreen content? It is your content that is still valuable and relevant, after weeks, months and sometimes even years after being posted for the first time on social media.

Content that has some form of timeless value to your audience, by either helping them to do something, informing them or is simply funny (or all of this combined).

This is content that was successful when first posted, gaining lots of likes, comments and shares, and will be again every time you repost.

2. Check your stats

How do you know which content is the best to use again? By checking your stats.

Every social media network has statistics tools and features (either internal or external) where you can, and should, check your stats.

Look at the engagement rates for each one of your posts. This will tell you which were your most successful posts, the ones that received more likes, comments, and shares. This will also highlight what type of content your audience most likes (articles, videos, images, quizzes, etc).

3. Post old content at different times

After you’ve identified your evergreen content, don’t just start spamming every social media network posting the same content every day.

You’ll want to spread this out over several weeks and months. Make sure you keep it varied, try posting on different days of the week and different times from the last time you previously posted that same content.

This will give your old content the chance to reach a wider, different audience to those who saw this content originally, who haven’t yet seen your content.

4. Make old good content part of a series

If you have posts on your blog that were very successful in the past, when first posted, receiving many views and shares, consider making them part of a series.

For example, the original blog post could be part 1, and you could expand on this by writing part 2, part 3, etc. Relate these later entries in line with the same theme, but with new information and insights.

This way not only you’ll have more new great content to share that you know will appeal to your audience, but by mentioning and linking these new posts with the first one, you’ll attract new people to read the original article.

Of course, not every single blog post will allow you to do this, so be strategic about it.

5. Use social media content tools

There are several tools that can help you identify old content that could potentially be well received if shared again across your social media channels.

As such, if you find it too time-consuming to go through old entries to find content to share again, check out the following tools which will do the legwork for you.

If you use WordPress, take a look at a plugin called Revive Old Post, this plugin will browse your archives, pick out individual posts, adding hashtags to them, putting the links through Bitly (for additional tracking), and then finally sharing them on your social profiles (all on autopilot).

Or you can use an online tool like Edgar, that catalogues your social media updates into categories and pulls content from there to be published.


How do you maximise the potential of your old social media content? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @SocialBuk.

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