5 ways your Facebook marketing can inspire your audience

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FacebookFacebook is one of the most well-known social media networks and it provides great opportunities for businesses of different industries to reach and connect with their audiences. So no wonder so many businesses consider Facebook as part of their social media strategy.

If you’re a business investing on Facebook marketing and looking for ways to further engage your audience, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 ways your Facebook marketing can inspire your audience:

1.      User-generated content

Many brands have their own customers posting photos of themselves using their products or services, and sometimes those photos can be really inspiring.

Tourism Australia has a very successful Facebook page based on user-generated content. They simply post images sent by their users and the result is an inspiring page full of great content.

Using your users photos is also a great way to keep them engaged with your page, since it is extremely flattering. In order to encourage your users sending you photos and other pieces of content, you can set up weekly or monthly competitions.

 2.      Contests and competitions

Facebook is a great platform for brands to create contests and competitions. They’re engaging, fun and can be extremely inspiring depending on your imagination!

Just make sure you stick to Facebook guidelines so you don’t have any kind of issues and also make sure your competitions are fun, with simple instructions to follow and that respect all the deadlines.

You can promote the competition on your website and/or other social media networks and can even make it a weekly of monthly event, in order to keep fans engaged.

3.      Entertaining

People don’t use social media as an online shop. They use it to spend a good time, to share content, to connect with friends, and to be entertained.

Brands that understand this and that can tailor their marketing message around this are the most successful ones on Facebook.

So make sure your content has your marketing message, but also make sure you entertain your audience with fun content too like using humour, running competitions, fun quizzes, and other content that your audience can engage with.

4.      Educating

Valuable content is king on Facebook; content that solves problems, provides new fresh information about a subject and that can help your audience in some way.

This type of content can be blog posts, tutorials, webinars, whitepapers, articles, videos, infographics, etc, that provide value to your audience, so you’re inspiring them at the same time (and delivering great content for them to share).

5.      Mix your content

You should look at your stats and see which content works best for your audience, i.e., which content they engage more (like, comment, share), and you should deliver more of that type of content.

Make sure though that you don’t start delivering only that type of content, because too much of a good thing can make your audience lose interest.

Mix your content with different types: funny updates, solve-problems content, user-generated content, links to other’s articles, etc. This way you make your page more interesting and inspiring too.

Which other tactics are you using to keep your Facebook fans inspired? Let us know in the comment section below.

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