6 Digital Marketing Elements To Review

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The digital marketing industry never stays still, with social media channel updates on an almost weekly basis and Google’s tweaks and algorithm changes – we know it’s a lot to deal with. In order to stay ahead of your competitors in this fast moving area of your business, it’s vital to constantly review what you’ve done and what you plan to do in the future. Here’s the top digital marketing elements that should be on your radar to review.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

As with any plan, your digital marketing strategy is a working document and should be reviewed and amended on a regular basis. Encompassing all aspects of your digital marketing, you need to evaluate what works and what hasn’t yielded the expected results. Once you feed this back into your strategy you can move forward, we’d recommend reviewing your strategy at least once a quarter.

2. Digital Marketing Campaigns

You’re only as good as your last marketing campaign! Well maybe not quite, but from the planning stage to the execution, its vital to review the highs and lows of every campaign to learn what best worked with your customers and industry.

3. Social Media

Just keeping up with all the ongoing changes to the social networks is sometimes a job in itself! When it comes to reviewing your social media, it’s not just about what you are posting but sometimes you need to review deeper and have a cleanse. For example, are employees LinkedIn personal profiles up-to-date with new job roles etc or does your Facebook cover image need refreshing to reflect the time of year or a new business offering. Check out your bios and make sure they are still relevant and your brand is consistent across your social media channels and your website.

4. SEO

Many business look at SEO (search engine optimisation) as something you add to your website and then leave. Like most other digital marketing aspects, SEO is not a one-hit wonder and needs to be reviewed and updated regularly. Tags, headers, content and off-site SEO should all be monitored and whilst ranking reports are only one option for measuring results, a brief review of where your keywords are within the search engine results will help to identify where your time can best be spent.

5. PPC – Adwords

If you’re involved in paid search then you’ll be well aware that daily monitoring is essential. It’s also a good idea to build into this a weekly/monthly review of what you can tweak to improve click-through rates. It’s vital to review landing pages too, if the click-through rate is good, but the conversion rate is low then maybe the landing page needs some attention.

6. Content Creation & Marketing

Content should be created to help achieve your goals and never just for the sake of it. Whether you’re writing a blog, newsletter or a finely scripted social media post you should have a goal in mind of what action you want readers to take. Having an editorial calendar will help to ensure you keep on track and let you review the content you’ve created. For example, could you craft better titles or have more success by posting on Facebook rather than Twitter?

If that list seems like a lot of work, that is only the core digital marketing elements we’ve mentioned! There is still budgets and resources, identifying customers and checking in on your competitors – we did stay the digital industry never stays still.

If you’re overwhelmed by the vast array of digital marketing elements, talk to us about how we can take the strain and help with some or all of your online marketing requirements.

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