6 Reasons To Learn Via Webinar

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If you need social media training or want to top up your digital skills but the lack of time and budget get in the way then an interactive webinar could be the answer. Webinars are a great place to learn and are exceedingly convenient too! Here are a few of the advantages that webinars have over physically attending a training course. Why not see if it makes good business sense for your staff.

1. Better Value For Money

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Learning via webinar is cheaper than a physical course. You are also avoiding any prohibitive travelling costs and the added expense of an overnight stay for your staff if you were sending them on physical training.

2. Accessible For Big Teams

As the cost is less you may be able to invest in training for your whole team. A webinar gives us the ability to converse and train large teams online at your convenience. Don’t forget your International Staff members – training via webinar is an excellent opportunity to include your staff abroad who may miss out on training opportunities normally. Webinars also reduce your company’s carbon footprint too.

3. Time Saving

Webinars offer a time efficient way to train staff.  Our webinars are normally in 2-hour slots which can you enjoy from the comfort of your own desk or home if staff work remotely. Instead of losing a whole day to training plus travel time, you can spread the training across your week!

4. Time To Suit You

Check your diary and let us know when you want the webinar. One of the biggest reasons to learn via webinar is the ability to include staff who could not attend previously attend training. We can be flexible to fit in with your schedule and also offer webinars as late as 7pm GMT to accommodate your International Teams.

5. Still Interactive

You can ask questions throughout the training just like physical training. Our Social Media Webinars are never pre-recorded because everyone has questions during training. In fact, we encourage our delegates to ask questions throughout our courses and may even test you as well! Being both engaging and interactive, we are able to tailor webinar content in real time to ensure all attendees get exactly what they need.

6. You Pick The Subject

Any of our physical training courses can be delivered via webinar. As well as our platform-specific webinars we also have courses tailored to the main industry sectors that we have worked with before. We are always keen to develop a course tailored to your industry or your specific business so get in touch if you would like us to create a webinar with you in mind!

If you’d like to book any of our social media webinars or would like to find out more, give us a call on 01223 258000.

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