6 Simple Tips For Persuasive Email Marketing

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 11 Apr 2016 by Pooja Shevade
Email Marketing

As marketers, we have all done this…

We spend endless hours crafting the perfect marketing email and are pretty smug with our efforts once the email is sent out. It is then a game of wait and watch as the numbers trickle in. Did the email achieve the objective it was set to achieve in the first place? Why not? And then begins the process of analysing what worked and what didn’t.

Clear and persuasive copy is the key to any email, especially if you want the reader to take an action of your choice once they receive the email. Here are a few tips from SocialB to help you craft winning email copy and get your audience to purchase or act on your call to action.

1. Segment and Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first step to a successful email strategy. Writing generic emails is just wasting your time and everybody else’s. No one cares for them. Persuasive copy can only work if it is targeted at the right audience. Segment your data and create audiences that matter.

2. Well-Defined Goals

Your email should have a clear and well-defined goal. The reader should easily be able to understand what is expected of him/her within a few minutes of reading the email. Whether it is to fill a survey, read an article or purchase a product. Make the objective stand out through your call to action.

3. What’s in it for the receiver?

Most of us make the mistake to push out our emails by bragging about us (the brand). Readers don’t really care for one-sided brand messages. They would instead like to know what is in it for them? Why should they bother reading your email vs the hundreds of other emails vying for their attention in their inbox?

You need to clearly specify how your email is beneficial for them. How is it going to make their life easier or solve their problems?

4. Clear and Precise Copy

Crisp editing is of utmost importance. Beating around the bush and endless repetitive copy is just going to put your readers off and take them one step further away from what you want them to do.

5. Create a sense of Exclusivity

People like to be made to feel special. Give them exclusive VIP access to events or sales and make them feel privileged to be amongst the first few to have access to certain offers will get them to act on your email.

6. Create a Sense of Urgency and Scarcity

People are more inclined to absorb your emails if you create a sense of urgency and scarcity. Text like “Last few spots left” or “Offer Ends Today” or “Hurry! Sale ends Sunday!” are great to capture your reader’s interest and attention.

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