6 Tips On Leveraging LinkedIn Groups For Business

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Linkedin Groups for BusinessOf all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the place for B2B marketing to happen. True and valuable business relationships can develop and evolve. LinkedIn is a far cry now from the CV service it was once perceived as, it is now a place for sharing high quality business-relevant content between professionals.

The LinkedIn Groups function provides a place for professionals to cluster around a particular industry, topic or interest, thus making it easier to link up with relevant new people for your business.

If you want to see businesses benefit from using LinkedIn groups, follow these tips:-

1. Housekeeping

Find groups where there are enough people to make conversations flow, but aren’t so full that your own conversation will get lost in the noise. You want to be able to make an impact. So search and listen before deciding which groups you want to invest your time in.

2. Join groups where your target audience is

If you create and share content within a group that you and your target audience are both involved with, you will be highlighted to them as a topic expert and therefore be front of mind.

3. Too much

Don’t join too many groups. We recommend 3-5 max otherwise you are spreading yourself too thin.

4. Good content

Your content shouldn’t be about your products. You need to provide thought leadership through case studies, white papers, tutorials and by answering questions. Integrating your LinkedIn Group activity with your companies’ content marketing strategy if you have one will help here.

5. Create your own LinkedIn Group

If you identify a gap and there isn’t a group for a particular industry/topic/interest, then create one! You will be able to moderate content whilst targeting your prospects through its design.

6. Involve your employees

If you can’t get your employees enthusiastic about their subject, you won’t be able to get your customers to be either! Use your employees to gain traction at the beginning and to amplify your message. Give any employee using social media some basic training and knowledge of the do’s and don’ts for your business.

LinkedIn groups can be a great way to reach new audience segments and deepen relationships with existing customers as part of an integrated social media strategy. If you have an inbound/content marketing approach then LinkedIn groups will fit well with your existing activity.

For more information, search out blogs for ‘content marketing’. If you would like more assistance with optimising your social media presence, please contact us for a friendly chat.

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