6 Ways Law Firms Can Benefit From LinkedIn

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LinkedInSocial media has and continues to change the way that all businesses market their services, from solicitors to retailers, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals, so law firms should already feel comfortable about using it.

Whether your firm utilises the free or premium option, where a fee is payable, as the professional network, LinkedIn has many features that law firms can benefit from.

1. Develop Relationships

Just as networking isn’t all about promoting yourself, using LinkedIn isn’t all about selling your services. By connecting with people you know, you can develop those relationships and LinkedIn will then offers suggestions of other individuals you may know and can connect with. Engaging with meaningful connections in key contact positions within businesses is an invaluable benefit LinkedIn offers to law firms.

2. Build & Strengthen Reputations

Reputation in the law industry is paramount, but today you need more, especially when it comes to representing your legal firm online. LinkedIn lets your partners and firm showcase their expertise, and a great content marketing strategy can give your clients and prospects a healthier idea of your where your specialities and legal expertise lay.

Posting articles, case studies, research work, commenting on discussion topics and sharing valuable information is essential, but being a thought-leader within your sector is doubly effective.

3. LinkedIn Groups

You can use LinkedIn Groups just as a social listening tool or can participate within a group to further demonstrate your expertise on subjects. A good way to find groups that are appropriate to you is to search for the target audience relating to a certain topic and look at their profiles to see which groups they belong to. Generally those groups will include other people you’d like to reach out to or listen to.

4. Employees on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Law FirmsAs a social network created predominately for individuals, encouraging your employees and partners to create a presence helps to get the most from LinkedIn. All these individuals are then connected to your law firm, which shows the expertise of your staff across the entire company.

Being consistent and writing informative and valuable content for LinkedIn from all areas of your business will go a long way to make your firm the experts in those sectors.

5. Recruitment

Just as an excellent reputation and online presence will attract and generate more leads and prospects, it also makes your law firm an inviting place to work. Recruiting staff through LinkedIn is cost effective, but will also attract high calibre staff and let you stand out amongst your competitors.

6. Measuring LinkedIn

By using Google Analytics to track referrals from LinkedIn to your firm’s website you can measure the levels of engagement such as time on site, pages visited and if any visitors turned into leads. This is a great indication of how well your LinkedIn content is performing and how users are engaging with your law firm.

A well-planned and executed LinkedIn marketing strategy will distinguish you from your competitors, and generate more B2B business than other social media platforms.

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