3 ways to promote your YouTube videos outside of YouTube

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So, you’ve got your YouTube channel and you’ve meticulously planned, created and edited your videos and are ready to broadcast them out to the world. But, how do you get the awareness of your videos further than YouTube itself?

YouTube has more than 1 billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. It seems like a daunting task to pulse through the endless videos of baby animals, pranks and shopping hauls but with these tips, we’re here to help you make that push a little bit easier.

Be social

YouTube is already a hugely established social network, so it only makes sense to integrate this with other networks. Share your video across your different social media channels, business and/or personal, to maximise your awareness. Use the typical tricks, such as hashtagging and using relevant keywords to boost your searchability.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all allow for videos to be embedded in a status update by pasting the URL, this lets you watch the video right there in your timeline instead of leaving the page for YouTube. Excellent for engagement and shares, sharing your videos across multiple platforms like this is mainly what makes videos go viral!

Add your YouTube presence to your existing marketing materials

As mentioned above, YouTube is a massive social network, so if you have the content, treat it like you would with Facebook, Twitter etc. For example, Blendtec have a whole section dedicated to their ‘Will it blend?’ YouTube series on their website. You don’t have to be quite as bold, but simply adding a YouTube linked icon to your website/blog, existing social media channels and email signature can boost your videos and channels to new audiences who perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise found you.


One of the most popular ways of boosting your YouTube presence is to include other YouTubers! Collaboration can be a really fun way to reach new audiences for the both of you and is now regularly being used by larger brands. Asda recently recruited popular vloggers, Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Tanya Burr, amongst others, to appear on their ‘Mum’s eye view’ channel, sharing recipes and home life tips. The videos were not typical Zoella/Deyes/Burr blogs but still bought in hundreds of thousands of views for Asda’s sub channel, just because of the huge draw of their names. Good thinking, Asda!

You don’t have to be a huge company to digitally collaborate, however! YouTubers are always looking to network and often feature each other in their videos. Whether it’s two ‘Let’s Play’ gamers playing a brand new 2-player racing game together or a few lifestyle bloggers each offering their own take on the upcoming election, collaboration is a great way to network and promote your channel to new and existing audiences.


How do you promote your YouTube channel outside of YouTube? Let us know @SocialBuk

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