7 essential tips to increase Facebook engagement

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You’re working really hard on your business Facebook page, posting regularly but it seems that it’s a one way street, with little engagement from your fans. With the recent changes to Facebook and the number of businesses competing on this massive social media network, it’s now more important than ever to reach out and grab a share of the limelight. If you need some Facebook tips, then read on to get our 7 essential tips to increase Facebook engagement and get ahead of the pack.

1. Keep it Short & Sweet

Facebook is not Twitter, so why do we need to keep it short? People lead busy lives; they don’t go to social media sites to read War & Peace. You need to get your message across in a concise way and get their attention so they are more likely to engage. Facebook say that 100 to 250 characters gets about 60% more Likes, Comments and Shares.

2. Be Creative with Wording

We are curious creatures, try using words in your posts such as Why, How, Most, What, Big, Best and even ‘Facebook’ to increase engagement. These words can draw people in and prompt them to like, share or comment on your post. Sometimes just asking a multiple choice or Yes or No question will work, why not give it a try!

3. Competitions for Fun

Competitions on Facebook are just for big brands – Wrong! You may not be able to give away a BMW, but small or local businesses can run competitions without giving away prizes. Social media should be fun first, business second so getting your Facebook fans to interact with you is a priority. Try a caption competition using an amusing picture (related to your business), kick it off by adding your own caption and then ask your fans. This also avoids getting involved in Facebook competition rules.

4. Stand out from the Crowd

Facebook is full of businesses vying for attention; it’s a crowded place to be. Therefore in order to increase Facebook engagement your business needs to stand out from the crowd and be different. Look at what your competitors are doing, it’s a great way to see what’s working for them but make sure you add to your twist and be bigger and better!

5. Tie in your Business to Popular or Trending Topics

While you don’t want to post random news that has nothing to do you’re your business, research shows there are popular topics. These include Learning, Technology, Social Media, Travel, Food and Drink, Health and Sports, Fashion and Shopping. Finding a way to talk about your company or a service you offer around a popular topic can create conversations. The same can be done with trending topics, a recent example being the World Cup. A top Facebook tip is to try and target those not wanting to watch football by starting your post with ‘Not a football in sight…..’ for example.

6. Get Yours Fans Involved

Posting photos of your customers (with their permission of course) buying or using your products or even asking customers to share their own photos of their experience with your company is a great way to interact on Facebook. Simply tag them and you’ll be surprised how they will push the post out when they see you have added their picture to your timeline. They might even tell their friends about it!

7. How ‘Not’ to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Finally, avoid posts that involve politics, complaints, badmouthing the competition, possibly offensive material and sharing too much personal content. Even when you use some things as a light hearted joke it can all go very wrong.

See if these simple Facebook tips can increase your Facebook engagement and hopefully along the way attract some new Likes.

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