7 Lead Generation Mistakes To Avoid

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Lead generation is an essential part of any company marketing strategy and when it comes to online leads, businesses need to be twice as savvy to plant the seed that converts into a sale. Competition is fierce and lead generation mistakes can be costly because right behind you is your competitor.

Take a look at these 7 lead generation mistakes to avoid and make sure you’re at the top of your game when it comes generating leads.

1. Don’t Be Invisible

Your website needs to be visible and rank for the right keywords and phrases in order for visitors to find your website in the first place and then to generate leads for your business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is affordable and works well in the long term. For an instant kickback pay per click (PPC) is the answer and can general valuable leads.

2. Forgetting to Optimise Social Media

Social media marketing presents many opportunities for lead generation, from well optimised social media profiles and bios to highly focused posts to drive visitors to your website, latest blog or to sign up for your newsletter.

3. No Follow Up

One of the biggest lead generation mistakes you can make is not to follow up an interaction, whether via email, blog comment or social media conversation.  It is essential to follow up any enquiries in a timely manner. Today we expect everything online to be instant, and when you are contacted through Facebook Messenger or via a Tweet people have come to expect an instant reply. Using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite can help keep up with this and lets you manage all your social accounts in one place.

4. Don’t Hassle But Nurture

Just because a visitor has taken an action, such as opening an email or leaving a comment on a blog post, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ready to buy. By all means follow it up but don’t hassle them, some leads need to be nurtured and get to know your business before committing. To much to soon can turn some people away who like the softly softly approach.

5. Send Untargeted Messages

Sending out broad and untargeted messages is a waste of resources. By knowing your target audience and segmenting your emails for example, will ensure they’re relevant to the people that receive them. Once you know who it is you want to target, let them know how you can solve their issues with your products and services, otherwise, your message is likely to come across as spam.

6. Wrong Call to Action (CTA)

Having the wrong call to action on a page is worse than not having one, as the end result will be a dissatisfied customer and a potential lead wasted. Having the appropriate call to action should guide visitors to take the next step, with each page on your website leading the user to another section or step along the buyer’s journey and encourage them to move forward not away to another site.

7. Buying Leads

If you find lead generation hard work, don’t be tempted to buy leads. Chances are these are so ‘cold’ the people listed are not even interested in your product or your company.  It certainly is not a quick fix and could do more damage than good in the long run.  It is always better to generate leads organically rather than resort to buying them.

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