7 Lessons To Learn From Facebook Marketing

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Love it or hate it, Facebook is without any question one of the most known and used networks for social media marketing.

Hundreds of companies have their Facebook page and use it as a way to connect and attract more audience. Although there are many discussions around if Facebook really works for marketing and sales, it’s been proving it is a great way to create brand awareness and engagement.

Facebook can show you several key marketing lessons that not only tell you about the network’s evolution but also about how social media in general, is changing.

Here are the top 7 lessons you can learn from Facebook marketing:

  • Social Media is visual

Social Media in general is getting more visual with new networks (think Pinterest and Instagram) and new ways of showing images and videos. Facebook recently came out with a lot of changes on the business pages timeline, so images can stand out and have a lot more impact.

If you’re not incorporating visuals into your Facebook marketing, you’re missing key opportunities to stand out and create more engagement.

  • People are there to be entertained

People don’t go on Facebook to buy a product or service, but to be entertained, inspired and connect with others.

So Facebook (and social media in general) is definitely not the place to blatantly sell, but a place to connect with your audience, entertain and inspire them through your content and tactics.

  • People love contests

Contests work great on Facebook and are a key marketing tactic.

If done properly (fun, simple and appealing to your audience) it can help you to enhance your engagement and interaction rates, and also help you reach a wider audience. Just make sure you follow Facebook’s strict guidelines for business contests.

  • People love exclusive promotions

Everyone loves exclusive things where they can get their hands on something before everyone else does.

Making your followers feel special by offering them exclusive deals and promotions works wonders on Facebook and can really step up your page engagement. Don’t overuse it, though, save it for key times of the year so it keeps up that “special exclusivity feeling”.

  • Creating value is key

As previously mentioned, people are on Facebook to be entertained, inspired and discover new interesting stuff.

That’s why you need to create content that appeals to your audience and delivers some kind of value that will make them wanting to follow you and come back for more (and sharing it with others too).

  • Talk talk talk!

Social media is just that- social. But many companies are only broadcasting on Facebook (and other networks) and forget the social part.

One of the key marketing tactics on social media marketing is to engage in conversations with your audience! This means not just responding when someone comments on your Facebook page, but also searching for conversations around your keywords and engaging in conversations providing value on your comments.

  • Be different

Checking what your competitors are doing on Facebook is a great idea, but don’t limit yourself to do the same as they’re doing. Sometimes what they’re not doing can present you with a real marketing opportunity to connect with your audience and sometimes we really need to reinvent the wheel in order to break through all the noise.

Don’t be afraid to try different and new things. As long as you stick to your brand image and goals (and not breaking Facebook rules), thinking outside the box can really help your marketing efforts.

What other lessons have you learned from your Facebook marketing? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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