7 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

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Twitter can be hard to get to grips with so here are a few proven Twitter marketing strategies that really work. It’s a great social network for businesses in all industries.

Use promoted trends and promoted tweets

A lot of people might be wary about paying for advertising on Twitter, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways of reaching an audience.

Engagement of promoted tweets is usually between 3% and 10%, much higher than something like banner advertising. It’s best to have an event, new product or exciting news to promote as these are going to get the highest click through.

It works much in the same way as Google ads. You bid on a cost-per-engagement basis and then pay for retweets, favourites and clicks.

Create your own hashtags

Hashtags can go viral. Choose something that’s easily remembered and fun to use. For example, Sharpie encouraged users to tag their art with #Sharpie to try and align the brand with creativity and self-expression.

Don’t use words that might be used in other tweets. You need to create something new and innovative. You should then ask people to use that hashtag in a certain way. Perhaps finishing a sentence in an amusing way or posting their own pictures for you to see.

People will see this hashtag in their timeline and will investigate. They might join in and it may earn you a follow.

Engage with others

There are too many businesses out there who think it’s appropriate to follow someone and then unfollow if they’re not followed back immediately.

This isn’t how Twitter works. The best way to gain followers is to pay attention to the people you find truly interesting. Talk to them, retweet and engage. If they are interested in what you’ve got to say then they will follow back.

Stay on topic but don’t go on the hard-sell

You need to make sure you don’t go off topic. It’s all good and well saying good morning to people but it doesn’t serve much of a purpose. Instead, try to make your morning greetings relevant. Try something like: ‘Good morning. Here’s some coffee break reading…’ then link to a recent blog post.

If you want to talk about something unrelated to your business, at least try to stay within your general industry.


Twitter makes it very easy to share your account in various places around the web. Use widgets to let blog and website visitors see your most recent tweets. If you keep your social media on topic and relevant to your work, the people who have already shown an interest in your website should be encouraged to follow you on Twitter too.

You can also cross-promote between your different social accounts too. Remind Facebook fans that you’re on Twitter and occasionally ask your LinkedIn connections to give you a follow too.

Giveaways and competitions

A great way to get users to hit follow and trust your brand is to hold a giveaway or competition. There are so many ways to run something like this, but you should always ask people to follow.

Perhaps they need to follow and then use a certain hashtag or maybe you’ll just pick a winner or two from the people that already follow you. Whatever you choose, remember the purpose of this exercise. It’s to gain followers and build authority.


Give yourself a reputation for giving your followers interesting free things. This stops people from unfollowing you (always a risk after running a competition). You might offer interesting white papers for free, or perhaps free copies of your latest ebook. Make sure what you give away is relevant to your business and will be of use to your followers.

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