7 signs you need to review your social media strategy

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105552893-1024x682Having a tailored social media strategy is key to any business that wishes to have a successful social media presence and to achieve its goals.

But this doesn’t mean creating a strategy that is set-in-stone for the whole year. In the online world things change very quickly and social media platforms change even more quickly. There are new channels emerging and even the most-known and older ones like Facebook, are always changing its rules and settings and introducing new features.

That’s why reviewing your social media strategy every so often is a smart way to keep it up-to-date with the latest changes… and ahead of your competition!

But how do you know it’s about time to review your social media strategy? Although each business is different, there are some signs that you should pay attention to.

Here are the 7 key signs:

1. A big change in your stats

Having your metrics and stats in place is key to any successful social media strategy. As well as looking at them every month (or day or week depending on your goals) and seeing how your strategy is doing.

Although it’s normal to have some changes in your stats during the year (which sometimes have to do with certain key times like summer holidays or Christmas), a big change outside these times might mean something’s wrong or not working anymore. Time to stop and understand what’s causing that change.

2. A big change in your interactions

One main goal of social media marketing for many businesses is to increase the interaction with their followers (number of likes, shares, mentions and comments), after all, social media is all about being social

If you notice a big change in your daily interactions, i.e., if suddenly you get a lot less likes or shares, it’s probably time to figure out what caused the change and review your strategy if needed.

3. You’re not achieving your goals

Before you even create your social media strategy, you should clearly know what your goals are: is it brand awareness, increase traffic to your website or increase you online sales or enquiries?

If you start to realise that you’re not achieving your goals anymore, you need to understand what’s happening. Is it with every social network, with Linkedin or with Twitter? Access what’s happening and adjust your strategy.

4. Less traffic coming to your website from social

One main goal of many businesses (online and offline businesses) is to drive more targeted traffic to their website. If you look at your Google Analytics and start seeing less and less traffic coming from social than you’re used to, then you need to access what’s happening.

Maybe there was a major change in a social media platform and you didn’t know about in order to adjust your strategy accordingly, or maybe you should pay more attention to a specific platform?

5. You’re losing followers

If your social media strategy is the right strategy for your business, you should see an increase of followers each month (organically speaking).

That means you’re reaching out to the right people and catching their attention. If you suddenly doesn’t see your numbers going up but instead they’re going down, it’s time to review your strategy and your content. It’s normal to lose followers, after all, we can’t please everyone all the time! But it’s not normal to suddenly start losing hundreds of them.

6. You don’t keep yourself up-to-date with changes

As you mentioned before, the online world and social media are always changing and evolving. That’s why it’s so important to keep up-to-date with the latest changes.

If you don’t regularly do that, your social media strategy and your social media profiles might be out dated and need to be reviewed.

7. You just “don’t feel it” anymore

Social media marketing isn’t supposed to be a burden. It’s supposed to be fun and engaging, after all how are you going to engage and inspire your followers if you’re not inspired yourself?

If you feel you’re just going “through the motions” and not feeling excited interacting in social media, that could mean you need to review your strategy asap.

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