7 Tips For Brand Awareness Using Instagram

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 26 May 2014 by Carla

Instagram is the stealthy social media platform. Launched in 2010, exclusively on iPhone, the number of active users crept up to 100 million in 18 months, yet in the UK remained a largely ‘alternative’ platform. Following a takeover by Facebook in 2012 and the launch of Instagram across different platforms, the photo-sharing app boomed, seeing a 23% increase in users – beating Facebook’s 3% annual increase in the same year. Today SocialB offers our 7 tips for brand awareness using Instagram.

Instagram has a stronghold within the realm of social media, and should definitely be part of your brand’s social media marketing. Today on the SocialB blog, we share our 7 tips for brand awareness using Instagram:

1. Curate your Instagram Profile

Create a concise ‘Bio’ about your company – including what you do, your website address and link your Instagram account to your existing social media accounts.

2. Start sharing images

Upload some images of your products and also lifestyle images – showing customers enjoying your products, or images of yourself or staff enjoying hobbies that are similar to what your customer base enjoy.

3. Use popular hashtags

A simple google search can throw up lists of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. By using these, more people are more likely to ‘explore’ these hashtags resulting in more people being able to find your account. Use your brand’s hashtag, as well as details of your location.  The most popular hashtag? #Love

4. Engage with your audience

At SocialB we constantly remind our clients that social media is a two way conversation – therefore take the time to follow people who like your posts, and reciprocate comments and likes to encourage further interaction.

5. Work on a specific Social Media Marketing campaign via Instagram

Once your network has grown to a reasonable level, encourage followers to use a hashtag you have created. For instance, country clothing brand Joules simply invite their follows via their Bio to “Tag your photos with #Joules” there are currently 30,000 posts and counting. Call on your customers to show you what your brand means to them and upload their entries to a gallery on your website, in turn encouraging more traffic.

6. Maintain Quality

Instagram needs to reflect your brands values: decide on your ‘look’, tone of voice, likes, dislikes and how you want your brand to be portrayed. Use hi-res images, and creative snapshots.

7. Keep it up!

As with every social media platform, you need to keep posting regularly. Set a target that is manageable. Post too much and you and your followers will be irritated – too little and you will lose interest.

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